Does anyone actually know how to set wind?

I’m trying to figure out how to set a desired weather report in ATIS.

What are the factors regarding the wind report?

I have been playing and if i set the wind layer to say 16.3 gusting 8.22 at 271 degrees both, ATIS reports wind as 270 @ 55

Is there a way to set it so I get a desired wind report or am I missing some info here (most likely)

I am a bit unsure what you are asking for but if you set the weather the way you want it as against Live weather,won’t Atis quote the new conditions?

No, thats what i thought would happen but not so.

If i set the lower wind layer at 16.3 gusting 8.22 at 271 degrees both, ATIS reports wind as 270 @ 55

Makes me think there is an altitude gradient in use but I can’t see any reference to one.

I was hoping to set it as above and have ATIS report “winds 271@16”

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There is a gradient applied. Set a 1000ft wind and it is half the set speed on the surface. Not sure what ATIS does with it though

That seems to be what i saw,
wind layer = 10 gusting 10, ground level, ATIS reports winds @ 34
wind layer = 10 gusting 10, 317’ level, ATIS reports winds @ 17
wind layer = 10 gusting 10, 423’ level, ATIS reports winds @ 17
wind layer = 10 gusting 10, 1058’ level, ATIS reports winds @ 17
all the way up to cloud base it reports winds @ 17
delete wind layer and ATIS reports “winds calm” as expected

There must be a factor in use but i cant se what it would be :slight_smile:

The common understanding in meteorological circles is that the surface boundary layer extends to around 2000ft, i.e. below that in the ideal world, wind speeds will be slowed by surface drag. Maybe 2000ft will give better results

Interesting but still not matching what i see on screen.

I had wind at …
040@2 ground level ATIS gives 040@7
040@2 2000’ level ATIS gives 040@3
040@2 3000’ level ATIS gives 040@3
040@2 4000’ level ATIS gives 040@3

040@10 4000’ level ATIS gives 040@17

Clearly there is something in there but i just cant see the use of the wind layer at any level if its not giving what it says, unless there is a valid reason i’ve not found yet :slight_smile:

Yep, I remember when they introduced the change they didn’t share how to use it and there is nothing in the SDK docs either and a lot of my presets were messed up because of it

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Looking at it another way,

say i wanted to plan a flight, I wanted to fly that trip at 2000’ and I wanted winds of 240 deg at 10 knots

If i add a wind layer at 2000’ level set to 240@10 - would i get what i want?

ATIS has a long standing bug where it uses feet-per-second as the unit of measurement in surface wind reports although it says knots. FPS is almost exactly twice the corresponding value for knots.

The wind is actually being injected in knots. The error is specific to the verbal ATIS reports. I don’t know why this has not been fixed. It has been reported for months, and it should take about 5 seconds to fix in the code.

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Ah boy, another stupid little bug :frowning:

Thanks for the info.

Thanks again for that info re the bug - i just ran my results through a calculator and it matches FPS perfectly!

Maybe get fixed one day…

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