Does anyone else find the music annoying that still plays when starting even though music volume is 0?

The default music is so depressing.


Agreed but it shows the sound output is working.

As music, it is awful.

The music is beautiful


Nobody’s yet answered my question I posted months ago which was “why do we have this awful music?”

Yeah turn your speakers off they say, but why should I have to? The installer should say it’s going to take many hours to install so do you want music while the program installs?

That’s being polite, not imposing.

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Not in the context of thinking while loading the game that “I hope I dont get a CTD or ATC fails or having to go backwards when loading my approach”.

Else it would be fine :smiley:

I’ll say the same thing I did about the thread complaining about PRESS ANY KEY.

If that is what bothers you the most, please trade places with me. I’d LOVE to have the annoying music be what bothers me instead of the huge lingering flight/avionics/atc bugs bugs after 4 patches!!
At this point in the shoddy devolopment the music isn’t even worth the time to mention it.


Surely It’s just a deliberately neutral, background accompanyment whilst the sim loads and the menus are negotiated.
And, as rp198419 points out, it also confirms that the audio is good to go.

So, what would you suggest?
Some death metal perhaps. Or, maybe a hymn or two.
No thanks. It’s fine! Just turn it down if it bothers you.

Besides, Really? Really? Of all the glitches we have to get behind us, you are bothered by a bit of music?
So much for priorities then.


Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of relaxing? :pensive:


Can I have the Ode to Joy or Four Seasons starting with Winter?


Hahaha. And good evening sir.
You boys should be able to have whatever you want.

But why does it still play when your music volume is 0. It reads the settings for you screen, so why not the sound?


Because the code that plays the music runs before the code that reads the settings. It’s a bug.

People who do different things than you.

I often have something else going on monitor 2 while the sim loads, usually at a different volume, only to have Flight Simulator cut in blasting music even though I’ve already muted it. Yeah, it’s trivial, just like PRESS ANY KEY, but you get that little reminder of the state of this sim’s development every time the software starts.

It’s a minor annoyance of a bug, but is a great example of “polish”, which is what we should be working on at the end of a beta/post release, as opposed to filling gaping holes from missing features in alpha/techo demo level software.


What about the sound effects from the ASOBO screen at the beginning, or the BlackSharkai screen? Should that be gone too? That’s not noticeable and jarring if you have volume up? It’s only there until you press the any key, then the music setting in the menu kicks in. Like I said, it’s not what ASOBO should be putting energy into right now.

My sound effects settings is not 0 though, technically a different type of sound. And it’s jarring because the simulator is quiet for awhile before it starts playing music.

It’s a valid complaint. The issue isn’t that Asobo shouldn’t be fixing these kinds of bugs, it’s that they are instead doing alpha level feature implementation still and haven’t even gotten to this point in the development. It’s not the user’s fault for pointing it out.


Oh dear.
Things are getting heated around here!
I’m off, to listen to some music.
A bit of Jakub Zytecki perhaps.

I use fsdevmodelauncher.exe or the exe from @AmbitiousPilots. Both skips the intros.

Pointing anything out that isn’t working as indicated is good. But long threads about the Press Any Key or Music that only happens for a few seconds before you press that key are just wasting their time when every bit of their energy should be going into the things that need fixing when the sim is actually running. After that, fine- get rid of those “annoyances”.


And exactly why I posted it here as an opinion and not a bug.

It is just annoying and a reminder of all the other more important stuff that is still broken.

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I 100% agree, it IS depressing!!! I recently lowered the music volume to zero and it would only play for like 2 seconds then the setting would kick in. However, I eventually found it weird being dead quiet while loading and such as I raised the volume up to 50%. But yeah for me it sounds somber. I actually changed it to the second sound because the main one got a bit annoying and repetitive. The main jingle is not as depressing sounding as the second more ambient one.

I’ll never understand why people use this retort and think it’s valid… Someone took the time to write up a post about… obviously at least that one person cares…