Does anyone else fly the A320 right handed?

Am I the only one who finds it easier to fly right handed?

I seem to find it quite hard flying left handed. Initially I thought that because I’m right handed but I noticed that a lot of right handed people fly left handed. I never seem to be able to perfect my landing left handed.

I guess I’ll just have to fly as first officer instead of captain lol.


I have the Hotas, which is a right handed stick. This forces me to fly right handed. I just move the camera to the First Officers seat.

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I’m right handed and I have same issue handling stick with left hand. But if I’m flying yoke I feel no difference between left and right hand. I guess is different movement

I always fly right handed and have the thrustmaster Airbus controller which can be used as left or right. I’m right handed, I suppose it’s natural.
I always imagine it must be very difficult to transfer from the right seat to the left in real life.

Since FS2004 days, I am flying with my right hand but sit on the left side of the aircraft (Forgive me, I have sinned).

From 2008, I have only been using the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, on my second one now.


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Nope, you’re not. I have been simming for roughly 35 years and and have always used a joystick with commercial airliners and GA. Being right-handed it was just natural to fly as PIC with the joystick in my right hand. I recognize this isn’t real life, and I am ok with that. Since I will never be a real life airline pilot, flying the Airbus as PIC from the left seat with the joystick in my right hand works just fine for me.

We all sim differently. Do what you enjoy and what makes you comfortable considering your desk space, etc. Heck, I may decide to try a yoke one day which will definitely feel strange when flying an A320. :slight_smile:


I’m very much right-handed and have the TM F-18 stick straight ahead of me. While using most of the buttons left handed is obviously an ergonomic disaster, simply flying left handed is no problem.

Throttle is on the left but I have the mouse on my right so switch hands whenever I need to do any clicking around the cockpit.

Yeah I fly right handed too, in the FO seat.
Does anyone know how to set the FO seat as default? I always have to go to camera options and change the view to FO at the start of any flight. I have tried the “set IFR position” and also “set VFR position” or so in the settings, but at any new flight the sim seats me in the captains seat.

I’m right handed and ny joystick is on the right hand side.

I’m right handed and just switched my Airbus stick to the left hand after 20 years. It took me one month to be comfortable. No issue with the yoke. Right or left it’s the same

Single and tandem seat aircraft always have the speed control on the left and the control column in the centre or on the right.
I learnt to fly gliders and motor-gliders with my right hand on the stick and my left on the throttle/airbrakes.
When I became an instructor, flying the Slingsby T21 I had to transition to the left. Didn’t take long.
In the sim, I fly right-handed regardless of the aircraft type.
At the end of the day, the sim is entertainment, so just do what you find most comfortable.

I’m using XBox controller and by default it has control on left stick and views on right, so had to
change them vice versa.


I’m right handed, and fly with the yoke in my left hand.

Not to throw a spanner in the thread but I am right handed but swapped to using my left.

I have always flown with right handed joysticks in the past and was quite happy doing so. What changed it for me was not the joystick but the mouse. It always felt alien using a mouse left handed. I bought the TCA joystick and stuck with it on the right at first but I always felt I was fumbling around reaching over with my left hand for the joystick buttons and with the mouse on the left. When I got the TCA officers throttle setup it seemed more natural to keep that and the mouse on the right so the joystick ended up on the left by default.

It took a bit of getting used to at first but feels quite natural now.

I’m left-handed but until I got a Thrustmaster, no stick I could find had a left-handed option, so I just got used to using my right hand.

Now I have a Thrustie I can’t seem to “unlearn” it so right-handed just seems natural now.

In RL I’d make a good FO but in the left seat, not so much :grin:

I’m right handed. Since my first sim in 1993 (Falcon 3.0), I’ve always had a stick I’ve flown with my right hand. To me, this felt natural.

Then I switched to a yoke / throttle quadrant just over a year ago. I found myself primarily flying with my left hand. There was quite an adjustment period after 30 years of flying right handed. Not only does a yoke feel and react differently to a stick, but there was also the switch to my off hand. It took some time to get used to it. Landings were particularly rough at first too.

But with practice, it just got better. And now it feels completely natural and I don’t even think about it any more.

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I am right handed but always sit in the left since its default and i am captain. I tried the right hand seat once and it felt really weird and my flying skills worsened - just not used to it.

I fly everything right handed. Left would be weird for me.

I’ve never really forced myself to go through the pain of flying with my left hand, because this is just a video game. It’s not the same as doing a real motion A320 simulator check-ride.