Does Anyone Else Miss 2D Cockpits / Panels?!

Somehow I missed that, thanks for the tip…it seems to work somewhat.

Well, not me. Thanks, but I’m glad that there are improved 3D cockpits. TrackIR5 would not provide a nice experience with 2D cockpit.

6 votes in 5 weeks? 2D cockpits are probably not very popular. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: [Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.]

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PLease, please, i need 2d popup cdu, fmc windows with buttons for touchscreen monitor and undock views, for home cokpit.
Is Mandatory for simers.

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You can use your arrow keys on the keyboard to move left, right, up and down moving your eyepoint (seat height) quickly. I also have a button on my joystick to re-centre it quickly.

And as for better view of the scenery…same problem in real life in a PA-28 when you are short so for me very realistic :rofl:

Nearly happy with MSFS, but with a MAJOR issue for me: Why can’t we have a separate instriment panel we can move to another display?winscreen on top and instruments under, complete and working, quite leke in real! and, like we could get in P3D or FSX, IR track working only for the uper view! The deplacable MFD & PFD images are a joke, you can’t control them. My actual solution is to enlarge downward my upper screen, only way to have instruments large enough to read at a glance,but then it cuts in two the other views.Usable but not top!
Why not many complaints for that, is there a prospect on that issue? Thanks.

Right ALT + click not working?

Edit: Or are you saying something else?

Hello, Yes right Alt+ works, but it only gives you the PFD(or MFD) screen, not the buttons, so you still have to rely on the main display to
change anything, not very practical, also, it burns a lot of fps, and, sure, doesn’t work with the steam gauges panels! I stay with MSFS mostly because of the image quality(to say the least), and better VFR possibilities following a truer landscape than P3D &FSX, but I really regret the 5 or 6 windows I could get on 4 monitors with separate views, GPS, radios,map,throttles, overhead and so on. How does it work for simmers with a detailed cockpit? fly well.

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It would be nice to be able to move the whole VCockpit interior to a 2nd Monitor, or spread across multiple monitors… making the panel 1:1 in size with RL, and having the Outside on separate monitors, maybe even run off a 2nd synced PC.

Not a Unique idea !!!

But really, not a lot of point in DREAMING or HAVING this, till the planes fly correctly

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I thank that I would be very cool with that too.

Consider running triple 2560x1440 monitors for the outside view, using a 3080, and then use the Intel GPU port to drive a cockpit view. Done deal!

Setup a bare-bones computer and monitor on the side for Little Nav Maps and we could have it all!


Very nice setup mark, a suggestion is about a 4th screen placed underneath the middle screen setup with an angle for youre addon flightcharts or instruments this could be a 14 inch or 22 inch on the side altough you might have to extend youre table, ask at companies if they have outdated screens which the want to throw away, it might be cheap but excellent for testing.
But in the mean time enjoy youre simulator.



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Maybe this is of help? I have not tried it yet, but it sounds like it will get you halfway there

Thanks for the idea. Just let us know -if you do-how to work it the same PC than MSFS, just to use other displays.

Thanks, Sebastiaan!

Sometimes it’s just difficult reading what’s on the displays, because the text is so small and the point of view doesn’t help. The good old 2D panels would solve the issue and i also think they would turn very useful to cockpit builders.
Also they are probably pretty easy to implement as a development standpoint.

2D Panels i would consider:
Radio Panel


Don’t get me wrong I love the virtual cockpit and I know I can use the shortcut to move my entire view to the autopilot panel, but I miss being able to press [shift+5] for example to pull up a pop-up 2d panel to operate systems while still being able to see out the window and divide my attention! (Like real life),

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Exactly! So much easier- especially on a 2nd monitor.

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Without VR, using 2D panels on multiple screens is a very nice solution. The 3D cockpit is nice but not very practical having to pan around looking for buttons. Although not as fancy looking, as a tool to seriously fly and enhance skills, 2D panels are the way to go. The rest is primarily eye-candy.


100% agree … with no 2D panels, it looks like maybe at least a Head Tracking system is needed … GREAT excuse to get a new Phone !!!

Does anyone realize there are panel views, that you can toggle quickly and bind to any keystroke or button?

They are stable and zoomed close. Simple, quick and basically your 2D view.
Custom views can be set also. The presets can be used as a start point to create a custom view.
You can set them up to toggle one after another and/or select individually.
Similar but much improved from fsx.

747 for example has 9 preset views; ap, throttle, overhead, etc…
TBM has 9 also but the last 3 are not panel or gauge view.