Does Anyone Else Miss 2D Cockpits / Panels?!

Don’t get me wrong I love the virtual cockpit and I know I can use the shortcut to move my entire view to the autopilot panel, but I miss being able to press [shift+5] for example to pull up a pop-up 2d panel to operate systems while still being able to see out the window and divide my attention! (Like real life),

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Exactly! So much easier- especially on a 2nd monitor.

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Without VR, using 2D panels on multiple screens is a very nice solution. The 3D cockpit is nice but not very practical having to pan around looking for buttons. Although not as fancy looking, as a tool to seriously fly and enhance skills, 2D panels are the way to go. The rest is primarily eye-candy.


100% agree … with no 2D panels, it looks like maybe at least a Head Tracking system is needed … GREAT excuse to get a new Phone !!!

Does anyone realize there are panel views, that you can toggle quickly and bind to any keystroke or button?

They are stable and zoomed close. Simple, quick and basically your 2D view.
Custom views can be set also. The presets can be used as a start point to create a custom view.
You can set them up to toggle one after another and/or select individually.
Similar but much improved from fsx.

747 for example has 9 preset views; ap, throttle, overhead, etc…
TBM has 9 also but the last 3 are not panel or gauge view.

Yes, I realize that and it is a nice option. But having everything right in front of you, close up, simultaneously is even nicer. No need for switching views… but for now the workaround is better than nothing.

It’s very simple, if people have built a home cockpit for years (like me) with 5 to 6 screens and 3 TVs then they don’t want a 3D cockpit, I want to sit right in the aircraft, feel and not put on glasses, you can small aircraft Cessna etc. fly super in the 3d cockpit and it is also fun to fly with it. A he complex airliner that sucks. It looks good but is not very functional. If you only have 1 or 2 screens, that’s okay. But there are many who have built a home cockpit over the years and need a 2D cockpit with detachable windows to move. And a clear view of the outside also aly window detachable point. Like before I hope that it will be done or that third providers make it possible … !!! it’s that simple! So everyone has his own how he needs it! I hope it will come because a 3D cockpit in a (real) hom cockpit with 2 car seats doesn’t work! LG.


I wish I had room and $ to have a huge setup like that…sounds incredible. Here I am jusrt needing functionality for 2 !
But you are correct. After so many years of development and hearing the needs of serious simmers, it was really frustrating that this technology (multiple screen support, whether 2, 3, 4, etc…) was not part of the release.


How can I assign the arrow keys to move left and right, up and down?


In the controller settings look for the camera options, cockpit camera and then translate camera for forward, backward, left and right. Up and down is called something different, but it’s in the same section.

thank you, appreciated.

For the most part I agree but I think you are giving 3d ( virtual as they are called ) way too much credit. To me 3d cockpits are far less realistic and distract me from flying. Who the hell wants to do all that panning and zooming. I think that all they do is look cool but that’s about it. … maybe.
2D on the other hand allow for better use of multiple monitors.


I absolutely agree. Somehow, in the late stages of FS9, it became cool to have 3D cockpits as an option. But now they have taken over. In my opinion, THEY should still be an “option”, but 2D is, like you said, so much easier to deal with in a sim.


Essentially, MSFS shut-out all their past loyal customers who make and fly from real home built cockpits! Simple basic features like going to “full screen” mode, where the main screen is just a clean view with no 3D cockpits or HUD’s sticking out looking all cartoony.
And what, no 2D working cockpit anymore? Simple ability (from 2004 technology) to drag to second or third monitor on homebuilt dashboard panel is essential. Did they just forget to include these functions? They cut our arms off! What the heck were they thinking? That’s like buying a new car, and now they don’t include the axels anymore!
It is very unprofessional to have it setup as it is now. See my photos attached and you’ll get what I mean.
Very disappointing that MS/Asobo would leave such basic and necessary functions off, and some 16 years after last development. Sounds like MS had NO interest in their previous loyal client base. They didn’t listen! image|500x500 Seems perhaps they just want newer younger Xbox-gen minds :frowning:


Couldn’t agree with you more. Nice setup, by the way.
I just want a simple 2 monitor setup. Panel on one, outside view on other. Old technology. I too can’t understand how they could put something like that on the backburner when, for years, simmers have discussed it on forums.


I’m using Air Manager for my second monitor. The program is for MSFS 2020 and is a beta version. It works great. You can use a Cessna 172 (basic panel), C152 or Beech Baron. None of them have G1000 with PFD or MFD, so still must toggle to 3D (desktop-sim gaming) panels on big front screen. So unrealistic.
Funny that 25 years ago, my setup could do all that (on my desk) with yoke, pedals and full screen in front of me.
Today, a quarter century later, these basic functions are not available.
You call that progress?? :rofl:


Well, that is the gripe, is it not? As amazing as FS2020 is in the “scenery” dept, it has many problems with things that had already been developed or fixed many years ago. When those things catch up to the visuals, it will be state of the art flight sim we have all longed for.


Check out smooth track if you have a decent phone/tablet

I checked the link. It’s pretty cool but not what we are talking about. It doesn’t replace the ability to have separate, dedicated monitors or the fact that a 2D cockpit is very functional.

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