Does anyone know exactly what triggers the game to know you've parked at a spot?

Whether it is for using ground services or gateway etc.

What actually triggers the game to consider you parked in an appropriate parking space?

When you clicked on a parking spot, you triggered the program to set a variable indicating which spot you chose. Any other code in the program that needs to know where you are can examine this variable(s) to see.

When starting a flight, see @TaupeTerror3931’s comment.

When arriving on a spot (and this is an assumtpion from me):

When i think it’s Taxi Ribbon, is turned on in the assistance options, you will see a square at a parking spot where you are supposed to park. That square “sees” if your plane is within that square. Let’s say all parking spots have these squares, visible or not. All those squares would be able to determine if your plane is within that spot. Maybe full, maybe half.

I think this is how the game registers you have parked and is able to send/activate ground services.

The issue I am having is I am parking (with or without the ribbon) and I am not able to use ground services at all. Even though I parked in the box and got the appropriate commands from the marshal lol

It depends on the airport if and which ground services would be available. You have tuned in and seen any ground services options in the ATC window?

Not all air strips/airports etc have all facilities. I’ve found that some seemingly large airports have no facilities. Not sure if it’s a bug or true to life.

It depends on the parking type. If you pick a gate at the world map, you’ll notice there are different types:

Gates (Heavy, Medium Small) is usually for airliners with boarding jetways. All of gate types tends to have all the airliner ground crews, like Heavy Pushback Tug, External Power, Baggage Car, and Catering Truck. The only difference is how wide the parking space is and how far away the ground services spawn. On Small gates, they spawn fairly close to the aircraft, while Heavy tends to spawn further outward to cater for larger airliners. With Medium somewhere in between.

Ramp (GA Large) is usually for airliners without jetways, so instead they use Stairs/Ramps. But you still get the same ground services as Gate (Small) types.

Ramp (GA Medium and GA Small) are usually for small GA aircraft, it doesn’t even have ramps for airliners, or even other ground services vehicles like catering, or baggage. If you use light aircraft, then you’ll get the small pushback tug, but if you use airliners on this parking type, they won’t even spawn any pushback tug because the parking type doesn’t match the aircraft size.


This helps a lot, which type is best for say the CJ4?

I feel like sometimes the ground crew doesn’t appears and it may be related to this.

it’s just a SWAG by the programmers? Or it could be just as soon as the flashlight falls out of the ground controllers hand and he says stop so it won’t be sucked into an engine?

CJ4 should work best with Ramp (GA Medium) or Ramp (GA Large).

Ground Crew only appears when the aircraft supports it too. If the CJ4 doesn’t have baggage doors, the baggage car will never appear. So you probably only have the external power and the small pushback tug services available to it. But I’m not too sure, I never fly the CJ4 myself.

That makes sense, is there any fast way to know which planes fit in which size spot before you finish planning on world map screen? Or is it best to just pick medium if you can unless airliner pick large lol

I don’t think there’s a best way to do it. I would say try and experiment. Test on one aircraft type and start on several parking types, note your observation and see which ones work best.

Large airport hubs tend to have all types of parking types that you can think of, so you can do trials and experiments there.

Once you know which parking types does what, then you’ll get used to it in the end and know straightaway which type to go for.

I only fly the Airbus A320 so I usually go for any of the Gate (Medium and Small) type or Ramp GA Large. Any other Ramp type is too small and I don’t have any ground services crew spawned for it. And Gate Heavy seems to be too large because the Jetway is positioned too far from where I spawn that it rarely connects when I call it. It just stops in mid air because it’s extended as far as it can, and the passenger will have to jump to board. lol

Thank you very much!

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