Does anyone use a yoke with no rudder pedals?

What does everyone use as the rudder input if you have no pedals? Also how do you taxi on the ground? I have a yoke so don’t have the twist axis that some flight sticks have.

I recently got rudder pedals but am thinking of getting rid of them. As much as they add to the realism of flight I just find it more relaxing to fly at my desk without using my feet.

Does anyone else feel the same?

If you use the aid “assisted rudder” you can steer with the yoke on the ground.

I did try that but I find that the turning circle is not as big as using rudder pedals for some reason.

Strange, it should be the same if you use linear 0-100 settings.

I use the honeycomb yoke set up with bravo with rudder assist on takeoff. My rudder pedals the logitech pro or whatever they are called lasted only for a couple of months so im not buying that cheap ■■■■ anymore;).

Buy once cry once. Spending more for better quality is especially true for peripherals which live on the floor and get stamped on by adult feet.

Anything that involves plastic in its construction has no place under a foot.