Does latest patch require entire game download?

I went through what I thought was the patch process but now when I start Flight Simulator it acts as if I have never downloaded the game and starts downloading the entire 95gb. Is there a way around this?

What the heck!

From the text on the website it certainly seems to be implying that you first have to uninstall both the Steam and the Microsoft Store versions. Hopefully this just means the executables will be uninstalled and the entire 100+ Gb package folder does not require a re-download.

I just ran FS 2020 and the splash screen that says checking for updates did not kick off any update procedure. I also have the Steam version and that does not seem to be indicating an update is available. What the heck are we supposed to glean from this regarding the update. Quite confusing :slight_smile:

I got a 300-400 MB patch in the MS Store. After starting the MS2020 app, I had to download a content update patch. I haven’t look how much MB I had to download, but download time was 2-3 minutes for me. Definitely less than 1GB.


Yes, you have to download 333.2MB from the MS store, then launch the game for a 87.04KB update. Then your update will be done.


I just ran FS 2020 again and that checking for updates splash screen again ignored the fact the update is available. Is that screen another useless delay like the ‘Press Any Key’ screen :wink:

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After the ~300MB update in the Microsoft Store, the Content Update for me was only 91MB. At first I thought that said 91GB and figured it was an entire game re-download (and almost threw my monitor out the window).

Thankfully, it was 91MB and done in 2-3 mins.


I just went into Steam and did a Verify files procedure and it now seems to be kicking off an update. When it’s finished I’ll check FS 2020 version number but manually kicking off a verify files procedure is NOT how Steam is supposed to handle game updates surely?


Update is confirmed. FS 2020 now at from This is going to confuse a lot of Steam users expecting Steam to just automatically handle updates instead of having to start the update with a manual Verify files step first. Very, very odd.


Okay…problems. Upon loading FS 2020 is now confused as to where the Packages folder is. The Steam version has it’s packages in a Steam folder. I point to this and it’s telling me:

"You can't select this folder. It is part of another package installation"

No it’s not. I’m running my Steam version. You should know you’re own ■■■■ package install location! It’s also trying to look in Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator/Packages.

The folder Packages structure Steam created was Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator/Official/Steam. That’s where all the package files are. Is this damned update getting confused between whether I have a MS Store version or a Steam version?

I’ve tried selecting the Steam package folder itself. Going up one directory to the Official folder. Nothing works and there’s no way I’m download 1.05 terabytes of package data again. I though application and game installation logic on PC was a solved problem. How has Asobo not got the memo given all the install issues surrounding the initial launch :slight_smile:

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I had same - but checking steam now it is updating some 350MB something.

Did it do the patch on steam for you already?

Steam users should have the patch, verify game files or restart steam

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It patches on Steam fine. When I’ve come to launch FS 2020 though Steam though the in-game menu is now confused as to where the Packages folder is and will not accept me browsing to the Steam packages folder and simply using that instead of me downloading everything again.

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You only have to uninstall if you had previously install issues.

If it installed fine, just relaunch the sim, and let the auto updater do its thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Also 100 gigs is barely a terabyte :slightly_smiling_face:. Im on steam too but haven’t tried it. Hopefully no funny business. Because the sims actually been working pretty good for me.

Mine was installed fine originally. Just now it went to the windows store and downloaded about 100 MB. Upon launching the game it is now downloading 91 GB. Just like when it was initially installed. I regret buying this product.

Not for me. I’m stuck here:

Yes, just hit update. It will only download 87.06KB. The 1.05TB is the free space on your drive.

Yes what he said lol

But that path is not where the packages are. TFor my Steam version the packages folder is:

Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator/Official/Steam

Also lol on me not realising the 1.05Tb is indeed the free space :slight_smile:

Anyway. I’ll just click Update and see what happens .

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Then redirect the path there (hit browse I think), lead it to your current msfs folder, then hit update.

Phew it worked! Quite why a game does not already know where to look for its packages folder is beyond me. Surey this should be in a .cfg file for the game. Asobo really do like to throw useless screen prompts at you.

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