Does live weather work if you don't use live Time?

I mainly fly in Europe and would like to use live weather.

The only time in my day that I can fly is 10pm onwards and therefore I am always flying in the dark.

Can I keep live weather on and change the time of the day to suit me?

Absolutely. You can set Preset under flight conditions, choose Live Weather preset from the drop down & then adjust the time.

Alternatively, choose the Live Weather option tile, bottom left in flight conditions, hit Fly &then call up the weather panel from the in game menu to adjust the time.

Be sure to choose either All Players or Group under flight conditions though. Choosing Live Players will lock down you down to live weather AND time.

If I was at my PC I’d include a screenshot, Hope this makes sense!


Will it still be live weather, or will it be appropriate to the time of day? Similar to achieve if in the past, or forecast if in the future.

For example, will the sim temp be 20° because its night time real world, even though you’ve set 2pm in the sim and it was 30° earlier that day?

Just live weather, it doesn’t change at all based on time of day. They’re not doing historical or forecasted weather yet.

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this is how Live weather need work, without affected by change of Time on Flight option. It need to be as system time is set or as real service if this is system of work.

Well that kinda sucks. What they really need is to open up the weather system to the likes of HiFi, so those extra features can be developed.

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Why does it “suc_k”? Because the 1-3 % who would occasionally make use of this function can’t do this currently?
If there is anything they “really need” to do, it certainly isn’t this, before needing to solve some hundred current problems.

Amazing answer, many thanks

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Not much point, really. Live weather…isn’t live in MSFS 2020

There’s always someone who has to rain on a thread. It’s a shame that this pessimistic mindset has to percolate into a genuine question thread.

Sometimes it works, and is amazing when it does, sometimes it isn’t live & doesn’t reflect current conditions. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. It’s a known issue & has already been highlighted as an area that’s being addressed in the next patch.

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It’s not pessimistic, just a statement about a fact. Facts are neither pessimistic nor optimistic.

Thanks anyway, though, forum police.

Relax, I never said they should stop and add this before anything else, I just expressed my personal disappointment. I also then stated I think they should open up the weather engine, for others to continue developing features Asobo don’t have the time and resources to do. Others obviously find this feature useful, as there has been a market for it in multiple previous FS versions. Hardly a confronting opinion. I guess some people are just highly strung…

Really? I’d say that simulating weather accurately is a very important element of simulating flight. Now consider this: you live in Europe and you want to do a daytime flight in Australia. That means due to the time difference you are only ever going to get night time weather, with its low temperatures and fog banks in the more humid areas, unless you get up in the middle of the night to do your daytime flight in Australia. That is neither practical nor realistic. And I think we can agree that weather presets are no substitute for real weather situations with the changing conditions from one place to the next.

I’d say: if you believe that only 1-3% of users would benefit from Historical Weather, you didn’t think it through.

Nope, it was your opinion. In your opinion life weather isn’t live. Actually sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Claiming it as a fact doesn’t make it one.

Saying there’s not much point is a pessimistic opinion, in my opinion.

Not policing, discussing.

I agree, whilst I don’t very often use a specific point in time to fly the weather on a historical date, I absolutely use matching sim time in the weather engine in Active Sky (P3D) so that I get the relevant weather regardless of where in the planet I fly.

When it works it’s beautiful. It needs some work but clearly it is functioning. ForeFlight is showing real radar overlays not sent by sim connect.

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I might be in the “1 to 3 %” that would use this feature, but is a feature I have used Xplane 11, FSX and Prepard3D via add on weather engines for the past several years. While I do like MSFS, missing this feature and the hit and miss of the real live weather are major factors in my adoption of this as my main flight simulator.

So we agree it is suited to be featured by an addon, great!