Does Mcafee anti virus slow down MSFS/

Does an antivirus slow down the sim? I would thing the reading and writing from disk might cause a problem.

I think if you feel it necessary to have a 3rd party anti-virus running, then do a quick search on how to do a program exception so McAfee ignores the sim. They can be resource hogs.
Personally I just use Defender that comes with Windows 10, it’s very good and free. I’ve never had an issue with slow downs or any infections as a result.


Ditch McAfee if I were you. It’s real bloatware.

No slow down in Windows Defender, nor Kaspersky.

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McAfee is trash BTW. If you have to use it I would exclude the MSFS directory in the settings.

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Oh really I have McAfee…will give that ago. Never new that


McAfee has special gaming package, so just from this fact alone I would assume “regular” package does have some effect on performance.

However, I used McAfee for over a decade and never felt noticeable impact on any game I played. But MSFS is probably the most hardware hungry game I played to date, and I don’t run McAfee anymore

MacAfee will slow down anything. lol How they’re still around with such trash bloatware is nothing short of amazing.


However MSFS is very dependent on cloud data. My understanding is that most AV software is going to scan every packet that is downloaded before releasing it, unless you specifically exclude that data stream. I expect THAT would have an impact.

It came free with my PC, so I’m using it. How do I check if defender is also working

Can’t exclude Msfs as you can’t get get administrator rights to the file

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