Does overclocking GPU improve performance significantly?

I have a GTX 1070, and I was wondering whether overclocking generally improves performance, and by how much? Thanks

OC an non ‘‘TI’’ gpu isnt gonna give you much other than a hotter gpu. maybe a frame or two more . have the card my self. have tried in other games. Not worth it :slight_smile:

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what should i do then? wait until the 3 series comes out from NVIDIA?

the 1080 is hugely better than the 1070

do you know if i can do SLI with two GTX 1070 cards?

well if you have the $ for it, so wait. No? Still wait for some price drop on the 2xxx cards. maybe the 1080ti will drop a bit more. 1080ti is still a powerfull card :slight_smile:

the 1080 is very expensive, might as well get the a 2 series card…

I actually had to turn off my GPUs over clock, it was stable in all games but this one just kept crashing could be a coincidence lol. Still does crash from time to time.

I find that this game is pretty CPU hungry as well.

so what should i do? better CPU and GPU?

i wouldn’t recommend overclocking, most new games that have come out i’ve had to un-overclock my card just to get it to run properly, you will get black flashing in the screen if you dont, COD Warzone had a random shadow chase me around the map till i was consumed by the darkness, really annoying for A* Games.

Sure you all now that new nvidea driver update is available to optimise MSFS.
Not even started downloading the sim yet but improves fps on X-Plane11.

I found the RTX 2080 to be cheaper than the GTX 1080, how is that?

maybe because not a Ti?

what’s the difference?

Hey @PlumbingStar6!

All cards differ in terms of the benefit you could receive from an overclock. This also applies to games, in some you may see a large performance increase, and in others you may see little to none. The best way to go about would be to benchmark yourself and compare results.

I know you were just curious and looking for answers from others, but again it all depends on your system. Hope this helps, and good luck!

Are you experiencing bad performance with the 1070? What spec is the rest of your setup?

I wasn’t expecting it but I am experiencing butter smooth performance bar the odd loading jitter running multi monitors (2 off) my spec is:

I5 4460
16gb ram

Nothing special.

I found the latest gpu driver (released yesterday?) gave me big improvements and is specIfic to fs2020 and a few other titles.


Your 1070 will overclock itself with GPU bost 3.0 depending on how cold you can keep it so OC your card will give you minimal gains I am guessing and only increase temps.

On that note - Warning, my GTX 1080 is cooking itself in this game. 3dmark / division / GR Wildlands all run around 62 degs C, FS2020 however I am seeing 78+ degs C. Running High settings, 1080p @ 40fps and the GPU is pegged at 99%

Inno3d GTX1080 ichill x4
6700k @4.6
32GB 3200 C16

I have a GTX 1070 I7-7700 4.5 Ghz, 32 Gig Ram

A lot of you guys will see a better increase with a new mobo+CPU. 4000 series is quite old and slow.
I took the OC off my Zotac GTX 1070 from it black screening. I run 1080p on Ultra and get 35 or so FPS. 9700k.