Does real time antivirus scanning have any affect on performance?

Was just wondering does real time antivirus scanning have any affect on the system? Scanning any of the msfs or mod/scenery files in use.

Obviously not on about allowing the msfs.exe file through firewall just wondering if any scanning could cause the odd stutter or freeze?

I use Kaspersky which checks everything and there is no discernible impact on my quite modest system.

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Was just curious to see if it made any difference excluding the files from real time scanning. Guess anti virus is pretty low impact these days with ssd’s.

Theoretically it is possible, although at most one would expect a slight increase in latency, not freezing or stuttering unless it was getting positive hits and not allowing the traffic through at all.

Would be easy enough to test. If you turn off the real time scanning launch MSFS fly around a little do the stutters and freezing go away? Do they come back when you turn it back on? I would strongly recommend if you do test this in this manner, that you close everything, only launch MSFS do the test and the immediately turn scanning back on.

it not depends on ssds… the data must allways loaded if a piece of code need it. The CPU have a lot of doing to check all that patterns. A good AV should not, but can have impact. For all my huge games/sims I have an exclude rule and check these folders per job.

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Back when I played FPS’s alot, I killed everything that could be killed because even defender uses system resources. I would also debloat windows with all the not need services/features that are on by default.

This is dosent seem to make a difference at least here on my old rig.

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I believe anti-virus programs do have a small impact on the sim. Keep in mind they also scan all internet traffic and you know the sim uses a lot of server data.

Just last week my anti-virus pgm displayed a pop up window as it flagged data from a questionable web site (not the web site itself).

I always disable my anti-virus pgm before I use the sim or any other game.

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