Does the marketplace need demos/trials before a purchase?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and the amount of money I have sunk into this sim. It is unique in the way that the game could be viewed as a long term investment of building your environment for ultimate immersion and variety.

However, whichever way you cut it these addons can be expensive. Some can be a third or two thirds the price of a full price game.

I know some will point to reviews but it’s not really the same. I feel that the cost of some of these addons warrants a time trial to have a look before you make your mind up.

I’m at a slight disadvantage as I’m on Xbox and locked into the marketplace but it’s such a risk, for example in a moment of weakness I bought the max to fly something commercial with liveries that really doesn’t exist on Xbox and I feel badly stung. The Boeing 777 is out and honestly I can’t judge whether it’s worth dropping 25 quid on. If I’m watching a review of it on pc, the standard bearing is different due to availability and choice.

Am I waffling? I just think if you have the capability to have spent upward of 60+ quid by buying a plane, scenery and an airport. It would be nice to try before you buy, at least until we get more of a market available to us?

What do people think?

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