Does the sim use DST?

I’ve noticed that when loading a departure in the world map, in the UK for example, it shows local time and UTC as the same - obviously this would be correct in the colder months, but shouldn’t it be UTC+1 in the sim at the moment, or does aviation generally ignore daylight saving time?

Your UTC times should be correct but local time is sometimes gonna be wrong currently. ;_; It’s notoriously buggy about this; see eg:

A pilot will use local time for things such as determining when civil twilight is so we can know how early or late we can be in the air during VFR and other non-flight aspects.

But UTC was used for things like approaching and airfield where I’d do a radio call such as "X is 20 miles SW inbound to land at time 27. 27 (minutes past the hour) might be 10 minutes away but if we used local time it would have been 57 where I live.

So, the question " does aviation generally ignore daylight saving time" is kind off. But it may vary for pilots with different qualifications. I only had an LSA license.

But, because the sim does provide a “local time”, it should, in my opinion, be correct. And it isn’t necessarily. It is better than it was at launch but I don’t believe it supports DST. Maybe because that is a maintenance task and it doesn’t actually matter much. Many DST times change boundaries and times world wide every year so it is non-trivial to keep it all accurate unless it was designed that way from the start. The systems I work on weren’t designed that way and we regularly have bugs crop up when DST zone are created or deleted.

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