Does the Simulator have Atmosphere Layers?

Today i asked me does the simulator have some Atmosphere Layer like in realife see for this below in the Picture?




I don’t think so, because for us only the troposphere counts anyway. I think simplified the MFS is only ground texture with terrain mesh, empty space with weather and then comes the star texture with moon. I think the corresponding individual spheres will not be modelled.

The short answer is yes.

And only the troposphere and stratosphere are really relevant.

If the sim properly implements its Live Weather as advertised, these layers should behave accurately enough for our uses, as in you should see appropriate changes in density and temperature. In practice, however, Live Weather has been off to a rocky start.

Airliners routinely cruise in the stratosphere, so it’s important for the sim to get this right. And there are dozens of vertical layers that the simulator creates for its volumetric atmosphere. That “empty space” actually has a lot of stuff in it. :wink:

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Why Do Airplanes Fly in Earth’s Troposphere? – Monroe Aerospace News

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Are you sure you don’t mean the tropopause rather than the stratosphere?

Edit: Thx OrganicYard9952, your link explains why airliners fly in the troposphere.

The certainly don’t have the right sky colors for different altitudes, and don’t even get me started on the clouds…

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The clouds are better than what any other sim has done and if you don’t like it maybe sign up at Asobo and improve them.


I’d work for them in a heartbeat if I could. I agree the clouds are better than what we’ve had so far, but they could be a lot better. Just like so many things in this new world- everything’s about 80% perfect. Just need that little extra push…

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The tropopause is just the boundary between the two layers. Commercial traffic often targets the tropopause altitude, but you’ll find jets on either side of the boundary depending on a whole bunch of factors. Airliners will fly into the lower stratosphere to avoid weather and turbulence. And maybe a captain can chime in here, but I thought it was quite common to be above the tropopause on high latitude flights.

Either way, the sim needs to model the stratosphere too if we’re going to have realistic high altitude flights. I’m assuming it already does, but I spend all my time down in the troposphere. You should be able to get the tropopause height from a weather chart though, and then in the sim, see the outside temp start to increase as you climb above it. That would be a neat test of the live weather.

Speaking of clouds and high altitudes, we don’t have real cirrus, just misty blobs that look like the cumulus, and of course no contrails. Stuff we had in FSX, even if it wasn’t fancy volumetric effects. But I guess we have to be willing to upend our lives and careers before we can point out the shortcomings of a $60 video game lol.


There is weather layering at least at the troposphere and stratosphere layers.

Yesterday I flew from Bordeaux to Seattle on a Citation Longitude. The Longitude can fly at FL440 which is in the stratosphere and the level I flew at. I posted some pictures in the Screenshot MegaThread 2. First time trying this, link to those photos: Random Screenshot Megathread 2 - #158 by CAPTAINAS007

Unfortunately I didn’t take any inside cockpit photos except when I was landing. In the photo below, on the lower right hand side you see an arrow with a 13, that is the wind direction and the speed of the wind.

During my flight at times I had winds up to the middle 90s. As I descended I could see the direction and speed of the wind change.

So yes, there is weather layering within the sim and Live Weather.

I know that some say Live Weather isn’t the greatest, but so far I’m pretty happy with it.

Recently Asobo had a live Q&A and the weather was brought up. Like anything else, there is always room for improvement and if I’m not mistaken Asobo did say that some improvements were in the works and may be released either Thursday, February 11, with the UK World Update or the Sim 3 Update on Thursday March 8th.

But overall, I know that everything in FS20 will continue to improve.

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Thanks for the many Answers and Informations. i think more layers are important in the atmosphere of the MSFS 2020, because of when you fly to high with you airplane in the realality i think the engines will get shut down because of the lesser of oxygen or air.

Like AlexE75, I think you’re talking about the tropopause. I don’t know any airliners who has the right to fly over 45000ft, which is still the tropopause if i’m not wrong.


The height of the tropopause varies, and is less than 30,000 feet at high latitudes.

And it changes abruptly with the weather too. Lots of jets no doubt are technically in or cross into the lower stratosphere as they cruise at an altitude near the tropopause.



hum that’s true, there’s probably nothing to argue there as the tropopause altitude can double from equator to pôle in anyway xD

I wont make statistics about how many planes are flying through it in order to confirm or not your first sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

You can watch them live right now even. This Delta flight looks like it’s currently a few thousand feet into the stratosphere, reporting an altitude of 40,000 feet, and the forecast sounding I pulled over the area shows the tropopause at about 32,000 feet:

I’m guessing that’s pretty common on these arctic routes, but that’s pretty neato to see. Now to see if that temp profile matches in the simulator…


There is a saying in software development, the last 20% takes 50% of the time and 100% of the budget.


Haha. That about sums up the past couple of months on the MSFS timeline. This sim is such a tease ATM…so close yet so far- It does get better with each update so the future looks bright. I just want every item on my wishlist to be addressed now lol…


No problem Sage. I’ll have all the items fixed by next weekend for 10 billion dollars. PayPal ok?

Concorde used to cruise at 60,000 ft.