Does the VR controller support work for anyone?

I have an HP Reverb G2. The controllers are recognized and visible in VR, but I can’t flip a single switch with the trigger no matter what I try with the controllers.

I have tried the Asobo A320 and the Asobo Cessna 172 so far.

Community folder is empty.

Does the controller support work for anyone?

Then please report here.

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I have no idea how they work. I cannot manage to flip or turn anything

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only thing working for me is menu selection and apparently surface control ( breaks, pedals, yoke) but no buttons or switches.
But in exchange we got a completely broken Toolbar in VR :frowning:


Try Options / Accessibility / Cockpit Interaction System to default. If it’s set to ‘Legacy’ then it doesn’t seem to work.


They appear OK, the only plane I have tried so far is the Just Flight Piper Arrow III. A message box appears warning me that VR controller support is not fully functional with this plane . Fair enough

The only thing that does seem to work is toggling the static items in the EFB.

By default it assigns the thumbsticks to flight controls. Quit cool trying to land using the controller thumbsticks. Love the way the “help” topic windows appear smack bang in front of you on short-final and you end up having to lean to one side to look around it ! :joy:

I have since disabled them as they were clashing with my other controls.

Haven’t poked around with the settings at all . The plane feels “different” but not sure if some of the difficulty settings have been changed now that all the “hand holding” options are turned on.

Maybe you have to assign them indavidually. Try a few and see.

Will be a pain if that is the case, but still better than not having any controllers.

As far as I know the VR controller interaction seems to rely on the interaction system being set to “lock” rather than “legacy”

Also from the release notes:


Yes, thanks.

The option can be found under ‘General Options - Accessibility - Cockpit Interaction System’. This option has to be set to ‘Lock’.

I was looking forward to controller support and will give it a real try.

Anyone else able to use the yoke? I’d like to avoid using the thumb stick to control plane, if possible.

Thank you. Changed to lock and works now. I was about to thru MSFS out of the window…LOL…However, some knobs do not work at all. Just the landing switches and stuff. If you turning the ALT forget it. Jumps from 12000 to 14000 inmediately. I keep using the mouse if I want to fly VR . Xplane did a better job than a Billion company like Microsoft.

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Do the X-Y movements of the VR controller thumbstick work for you to operate the rotary knobs? On my Reverb G2 controller the thumbsticks don’t work even in the lock mode and are not even assignable (despite being assigned in the default VR controller profile).

In the default profile the tumbskick is operating the rudder pedals, even after removing this assignmnet I’m stil unable to use the thumbsticks to interact with the panel.

See here:

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Oculus RIFT S here!
I’ve found controller to yoke link quite different from what I’m used to in X-Plane!
In X-Plane you tilt the controller to move yoke: here you have to move it around, that seems quite uncomfortable as the hand is suspended all the time!

But then, flying the F18 Hornet I had the idea to tape the right controller to the top of a 60cm bar (pivoting from the floor) !!! And it moves perfectly with F18 yoke (realistic movements much better than any joystick) and I think works nicely with all planes with a stick!!! Give it a try!

I still have to figure out how to handle the throttle comfortably, task for tomorrow.

How did you even grab the yoke? Mine isn’t even glowing as a selectable thing. Maybe it’s the plane I chose? Which one are you flying?

And yes, the “Ergonomic” controller option in XP is far superior than the push and pull mechanics.

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After the update the system detected the touch controllers and set them to default, now I can’t select any menu or close any windows with touch or with the mouse. The system is paused and the window is frozen and nothing will move with no way to deactivate the touch controllers Great!! so now the game is a virtual doorstop.

Quest 2 here. It works for me, but the controller times out after about 2 seconds of use so I have to press a button on the controller to make it appear again. Am able to flip switches with it.

Rift s here. My controllers worked straight away.
I can grab yoke and fly, push throttle, flick switches etc.
I just have the nasty shuddering and have to drop the resolution to 65%

Yea, its also with valve index same issue.
The problem is the thumbstick is actually providing x/y axis, like a regular joystick. But you cannot assign x/y axis for knob tuning. Thats not an issue of the particular controller, its just not well thought through controls assignment.

I would like to assign the thumbstick to be used for tuning knobs and the trim wheel. Its not yet possible. Thumbstick has X/Y axis and the knobs require buttons for tuning. Also the trimming wheel has a trimming axis, but it is supposed to be a slider-axis which is not recentering itself. Binding trim axis to Y of thumbstick doesn’t really makes sence as it will always center.

Whoever was responsible for VR controllers did not even try it on a plane.

  • You can move the yoke without touching it

  • Switches are ok for landing lights and stuff

  • Speeds knobs and altitude works but you have to move your hand to the other side of the room just to get 1000 and 2000 increases, not small amounts. I hope somebody does not approach me when I am with the headset on and increasing the altitude they will have to come at their own risk…LOL…I will knock them down to the floor with a punch.

  • Knobs lights no work at all. Like cabin lights etc. The knobs for the panel, etc.

Too much headache I am going back to the mouse. I cannot believe in xplane 2 people did a better job than Microsoft. Maybe they update it in the future but for now, Microsoft/Asobo has no priority on VR so at least you can use the headset, the mouse and buy a nice stick or yoke, and you are set. Notice some decrease on performance but it is getting better as I play.

tried it and will stay with mouse.

It’s a work in progress. Not really worth it at the moment but there is some potential there.