Dominant eye and mouse cursor position

Brief description of the issue:
Mouse pointer position is using left eye as reference. In some situations there is a difference between what the pointer is “pointing at” between left and right eye. Most people are right eye dominant, which means in these situations the brain defaults to what the right eye sees. Since MSFS uses the left eye for position reference for the mouse pointer in VR, I have to close my right eye to see where I’m pointing.

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It’s a bit hard to provide screenshots of this but I think ASOBO knows what I mean.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Use VR mode, point at something close to the viewpoint and close/open left/right eye and you see that the mouse pointer may be on a switch if looking through the right eye but off the switch using the left eye. Since Left eye position is used as reference in the sim, and right eye in the brain, the switch “does not work”. Or rather I’m not pointing at it correctly.

As I said most people are right eye dominant so the right eye viewport should be used for “pointer aiming” for lack of a better word. Or better yet, make it selectable in the menu.
“Mouse Pointer Reference : Right Eye / Left Eye”

I noticed this two and was having to close one eye to be able to accurately use the pointer. Thought it was just me.


You are completely normal :wink:

Personally this bugs me extra much because I don’t have full vision in my left eye, it’s lower resolution for lack of a better explanation (a neurological thing, too low bandwidth in the optical nerve), so when i have to close my dominant eye I have a hard time making out smaller details or read for that matter.

I find this really hard to deal with when trying to click the menu bar to change the weather etc.

Yes but actually it’s the right eye which lines up with the yoke which for me anyway it always appears I’m off to the left and my head is clipping the side of the plane…

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Interesting, I’ve had some problems with my Quest getting the center position right, I had to redo the whole guardian playspace setup to get it working. If you are too far to the left, bind left right arrow keys to translate cockpit camera left/right and you can scootch over. I found this to be better than the centering function.

The centering function seems to work a lot better with WMR headsets, I got my G2 yesterday and the camer centering shortcut works as it should.

What headset have you got?

Hi @Aviatorix I do actually use the G2 so yeah, maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I hit space I definately am lined up with the right eye if I’m in a plane with the yoke in the center. I’m left eye dominant so of course to see this I have to close my left eye and the yoke is then dead center but when I use both eyes I’m slightly off to the left.

Hmm, maybe it lines up the right eye for head position but uses the left eye for mouse cursor lineup. Which would be a strange choice, mayvbe the VR dev is left eye dominant and never noticed the mouse issue :wink:

@Aviatorix you are right! Mouse cursor / floating windows uses the left eye but the head postion / reset is using the right eye as the coordinate base. Very bizzare, not a massive issue and I can see why they would choose a left or right eye but ideally they should have stuck with one eye and better still determine the true center position between both eyes in VR.

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Well, I have poor vision in my right eye so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed this effect, I would hate for this to change, maybe as originally suggested, give us the option as to which eye we prefer to use for this.

I’ve notice this as well. It is a lot more prounounced on planes with the G3X, so I think part of it is how the mouse pointer interacts with the underlying cockpit. It does not seem to be a problem for the windows from the toolbar.

I agree that a simple solution would be a selector to tell the sim to use the left or right eye.

This bug results probably from the mouse cursor not being at the same plane as the cockpit behind it in the 3d space.

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Fix this please. Super annoying…


This just showed up for me. Working fine since VR release… then yesterday this “double-mouse/pointer-arrow” issue arose. (1) issue is only when focusing on object near (e.g. G1000/3000 directly in front of you… if you look down at floor double-mouse arrow converges to just one, and (2) right-click no longer works; doesn’t bring dash any closer… ???

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No in the toolbar windows the mouse has the same z-coordinate (depth) as the window - seemingly. So there is no difference between the eyes.

The MB-339 has the same issue. It’s a known bug for this plane as the cursor does not properly “follows” the cockpit surface.
Extremely annoying.

Same here… Just showed up yesterday 2/25/21, had been working perfectly since VR release.

Just to add something to the discussion, but I only get this problem with third party aircraft (Indiafoxtecho MB339, SSW Fiat G.91, AT Simulations P.149, FlyingIron Spitfire have all had this problem). Default aircraft work perfectly for me, where I can see one cursor and click on everything accurately. The third party addons all appear to have the double cursor, and require me to close my right eye to line the cursor up with the switches. I’m wondering if there’s anything that the developers need to incorporate into the model or one of the configs for the cursor to essentially ‘line up with itself’ with both eyes open, and in the correct position in the cockpit/screen? Does the cursor need to be disabled in the right eye, and is this how they do it for the default aircraft?

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I only have official planes and they all use the left eye as reference.
Took me a while to figure it out, but now I just close my right eye when using the mouse and everything’s fine :smiley:

In my opinion it would be great if they had an option to choose the dominant eye and / or select to see that pointer on both versus just with the dominant eye …