Dominant eye and mouse cursor position

I see this problem only on 3rd Party planes. Just Flight PA28R has this issue as well. No problem at all for example in Asobo TBM. Unless Asobo is using right eye and 3er party left eye? I dont know but is a very annoying issue.

I find that all planes have this issue; the JustFlight PA28 has it more evident but there is something inherently wrong with mouse management in VR. I use DCS all the time and I do not have any problems at all clicking on items inside the cockipt, even small ones; the same task is a nightmare in FS 2020 and results in unnecessary headaches. This is the most prominent problem with FS2020 Vr for me right now.


The issue comes from the fact that the mouse cursor is further or closer than what you’re trying to select which makes everything super weird.

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I just got my first VR, (Quest 2), first off, it’s incredible flying in VR.

I’m glad I came across this thread, I thought I was going nuts, having to close my right eye to use the mouse cursor on any button/knob.

Sure hope they fix this, or we get a work around.

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Well, this is very strange.
I have all planes from the Standard MSFS package plus two jets from Indiafoxtecho and the Asobo Top Rudder 103. None of them has this issue anymore - I say anymore because the original Indiafoxtecho planes version had it because of incorrect surface definition in the cockpit.

I use WMR on a Lenovo Explorer.

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hmm, it’s sounding more like it has to be fixed per plane then. Not a universal fix for the VR mechanics in the sim.

Or maybe the plane makers are correcting an issue with the VR mechanics.

I vote here as I see that there is room for optimization. But I need to mention that even as an left eyed (but right handed) person I need to close one eye to get the correct perspective.

In some ways, yes, plane designers have to properly define the cockpit interior.

Initially, Indiafoxtecho did not define properly the invisible planes (surfaces) that the MSFS engine uses to properly position the cursor in the cockpit. It was an issue for both the MB-339 and T-45C.

Once they did in a subsequent aircraft update, the cursor finally had proper depth and caused no more the double-vision problem (which causes people to close an eye to properly aim the cursor).

But, since Asobo aircrafts all have properly defined cockpits, I’m wondering if some VR setups have an issue with the cursor - where it would improperly render it in space and cause this visual glitch.


I am sure everyone in this thread has found FS2020 VR to be massively immersive and are very grateful to Asobo for the work they have done but please, please, Please !!! Asobo/third party devs, address the following three issues that are making VR a real pain in the ■■■.

  1. Dominant eye and mouse cursor position issue.

  2. Mouse cursor failing to follow the contours of the virtual cockpit.

  3. 3rd party devs only. Please implement VR cockpit focus as Asobo does. Some devs have some planes that work and later releases that don’t. This does not make sense and it so needs addressing.


I just want to say that I am also having an issue with clicking on controls in the cockpit. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, or my frustration, but it seems like it has gotten worse for me over time. I’m at the point now where I don’t fly the sim very often because of this issue. Every now and then I try again just to see if it’s better.

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was this a default aircraft? or a Carenado? Defaults dont have this issue, only the Carenado’s that Ive seen.

I’ve seen it both in defaults and 3rd party, justflight and FlybyWire. Also in the floating menus irrespective of aircraft.

On a general note, it’s nice to see this post (at the time of writing, August 16th 2021) is on #11 on the VR wishlist.

It seems Asobo have not really started any bug-fixing for VR as almost all bugs and wishes are TBD (To be determined). I think they are going to concentrate on VR at some point but have not yet started down that road.

Good things come to those who wait I suppose. I also hope for hand tracking support for the Oculus. Although there will be some development efforts needed to construct a decent interaction system for small knobs. (ehmm…)

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I only fly the default aircraft, and with the new sticky controls, this isn’t an issue anymore.

Well it is for me and I wish they would get it fixed. I am tired of trying to close my right eye to hit a switch.


What about the VR HUD menu then? I still have to close my right eye to choose the right icon. Also not everyone likes the sticky controls, and this not solve the underlying problem.

I always fly in VR mode, but I don’t know what the HUD Menu is.

I personally believe that the sticky controls are an improvement. At least now if the mouse arrow moves relative to the cockpit motion, you stay locked on to the knob or switch.

Here is additional information which relates to this topic in my opinion:

Unity Best Practice topic

VR Best Practice - Unity Learn


There are several best practices to keep in mind when working with cameras in VR.

  • :white_check_mark: The camera’s orientation and position (for platforms supporting 6 degrees of freedom) should always respond to the user’s motion, no matter which of camera viewpoint is used.

  • :x: Actions that affect camera movement without user interaction can lead to simulation sickness. Avoid using camera effects similar to “Walking Bob” commonly found in first-person shooter games, camera zoom effects, camera shake events, and cinematic cameras.
    :warning: [BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don't move the camera, the user is

  • :white_check_mark: Unity obtains the stereo projection matrices from the VR SDKs directly. Overriding the field of view manually is not allowed.

  • :white_check_mark: Depth of field or motion blur post-process effects affect a user’s sight and often lead to simulation sickness.

  • :x: Moving or rotating the horizon line or other large components of the environment can affect the user’s sense of stability and should be avoided.
    :warning: [BUG] FS2020 using 3D cockpit camera in VR - wrong horizontal plane rotation (ex: FBW A320, SALTY 747, ASOBO 787, SDK SAMPLE)

  • :white_check_mark: Set the near clip plane of the first-person camera(s) to the minimal acceptable value for correct rendering of objects. Set your far clip plane to a value that optimizes frustum culling.

  • :x: When using Canvas, favor World Space render mode over Screen Space render modes, as it very difficult for a user to focus on Screen Space UI.
    :warning: Dominant eye and mouse cursor position
    NB: with SU5 the mouse cursor is now following the 3D polygons and this is working good for cockpit interactions, however the “dominent eye” is still a problem with popup panels. There is not any better solution for this problem in my opinion but at least rendering the mouse in 3D space farther away when not hitting any polygon, instead of rendering the cursor up close, would help a lot.

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I’ve also noticed this issue when trying to use the FBW flypad - very annoying. Please let us choose the dominant eye the mouse is working from.

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I’m getting fed up with this ■■■■… In the Aerosoft CRJ Cockpit for example, I constantly have to close my right eye to see where I’m pointing, the FMC for example is terrible with the already small clickspots, but this goes for most of the buttons. I cannot imagine who decided the left eye should be the one that decides the cursor position.

I have edited my original post to include a screen grab of the problem.

This is a terrible design choice.(*) The sim has, in this case, been designed for the 29% minority that is left eye dominant and not for the 69% right eye dominant:

Approximately 69.42% of the population are right-eye dominant and 29% left-eye dominant.

In normal binocular vision there is an effect of parallax, and therefore the dominant eye is the one that is primarily relied on for precise positional information. This may be extremely important in sports which require aim, such as archery, darts or shooting sports.

(*) As a general rule of thumb, always design for probability, not possibility. Is it possible the user is left eye dominant? Yes! Is it the most probable situation? No. - Then if no choice can be made for the user, the most probable scenario is the one we design for