Dominic Design VTBD

Just downloaded the Dominic Design Team VTBD airport from the marketplace. No idea how to get the Jetways working. I often spawn in with jetway through the aircraft.

I also have GSX PRO, so not sure if this is having caused issues. GSX is way above my paygrade for working out.

Open the GSX installer go to configuration and remove GSX jetways from 3rd party airports

Every time you install a 3rd party addon, make sure you run the FSDT Installer app, and open your GSX Pro Configuration/Options. In there, there’s a button that says “Exclude 3rd Party”. This will remove GSX Jetways for any 3rd party airport that has their own jetways so that GSX Pro does not interfere. Once the VTBD is on the disabled list. You should be able to use the jetways again, even with GSX.

Thanks for the reply @NeoKingRthur and @crazymaherm makes sense to run the FSDT Installer. I have done this. Where do I find the GSX Pro Configurations / Options. When In MSFS, I see the Settings available in GSX addon, but did not notice the “Exclude 3rd party” Some (most) of these settings can have quite far reaching effects.
Sort of think I found some thing in the FSDT Universal Installer app. It has great lists of airports…GSX World - Jetway Configuration. Seems to be two cols with ENABLED and DISABLED… I notice that VTBD is in the Enabled list

It’s in your FSDT Installer. Look at the area I circle in red. You click on the Config Button.

Then it will open something like this. All you need is to click on Exclude 3rdparty button, and your payware airports will show in the Disabled list like shown.

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Thanks for the pics @NeoKingRthur OK found the lists, and selected the Exclude 3rd party button. Sort of surprised me as I know I have other third party sceneries, but it did not find these. On my flight sim machine, I have both P3D.v4.5 and MSFS. I have lot’s of P3D stuff, as well as some 10-15 MSFS, though only found 4 MSFS sceneries. The VTBD was not amongst those found.
OK, I need to do some reading of the manual. Must be all sorts of rules applying to this Installer.

That configuration will automatically detect 3rd party airports that have their own packaged jetways. Not all 3rd party airports have their own jetways. Some of them are using the default Asobo MSFS Jetways.

Since the default MSFS jetways are already replaced with GSX jetways, 3rd party airports that uses the default Asobo jetways would already be using the GSX one. So they don’t need to be excluded/disabled.

On the contrary if you manually disable them. They won’t work. So just trust the exclude 3rd party button and the list.

This GSX pro exclude only detects your MSFS 3rd party airports. It does not detech your P3D or Xplane airports.

Thanks @NeoKingRthur, There seems to be several combinations going on, and has you say, I need to trust the exclude 3rd party and list software. FSDT seem to have pretty comprehensive manuals for their products. The GSX Pro manual is a manuscript of information.

Maybe one of my main issues is determining how to correctly call out the jetway for any given aircraft?

The below list indicates several ways to activate various jetways. Is there ONE way that is the preferable method or is it that each aircraft has ITS own correct method?

Use ATC,
Use the FMS, as in PMDG.
Use the Electronic flight bag, like in the FBW.
Use the Pushback tool.
Use the GSX app.
Keyboard commands?
Do we still need SODE?

For me, the way that I call the jetway is simply through the GSX menu in the sim.

When you open the GSX menu, you’ll get all those sorts of options, right? Before you start anything make sure you go to the GSX Settings/Options which it will open a separate window where you can configure a lot of things like the timing, and boarding density of the pax.

The most useful one I found is to configure the pax boarding delay. I set this to 10 minutes. And I also tick the auto-ground service mode so the boarding process automatically calls on all the ground services.

Once these are all set up, at the start of the flight, the only thing I do is directly press “Request Boarding”. GSX automatically detects if a jetway is disconnected and will execute a jetway connection command. Then the whole boarding flow will follow.

Because of the delay that we set up at the start, GSX pro automatically calls for baggage handler, fuel truck, catering vehicles, and once they’re all done with their services, the pax will start boarding after 10 minutes.

When you’re done with boarding, just choose Prepare for Pushback from the GSX menu in the sim, and it will automatically detach the jetway and you can proceed with the pushback and taxi.

At the end of the flight when you finished landing and parking at the gate. All you need is to open the GSX menu again, and select “Request Deboarding”, again this will automatically call the Jetway to be connected and the baggage handler coming in and pax deboard and so on.

So just use the GSX app, and just use the Request Boarding and Deboarding. Everything else it will handle the connection/disconnection automatically.

I livestream all my flights to my YouTube channel. If you want to see how I use the GSX Pro app, here’s my latest flight.

You may need to ignore the part where the fuel truck got called twice. I’m not sure why that happens so what I did was to reset the boarding process so I can continue with the pushback.

Thanks @NeoKingRthur , super helpful. I will give this a go later. Maybe I will choose YBBN(home port) , one of my existing 3rd party airports by Orbx, which I have used the jetways many times, but never for a full cycle of services and pax.

I agree that trying to keep the same processes going greatly simplifies the trouble shooting when “things” happen.

@NeoKingRthur The Livestream was great. Sometime I think I could spend more time watching the load/unload than flying some days.
OK, I found that the Orbx YBBN airport, which was on the excluded list, the jetways worked great. A tad adjustment is needed, but the airbridges do work.

However, on the VTBD airport, the jetways did not work. So, I contacted the Dominic Design Team. Almost instantly, they replied saying, VTBD needed to be placed into the excluded list. Ummm, using the 3rd party tool, only brought a few airports across. I need to rtfm and understand how I get airports into this excluded list when the 3rd party tool does not bring them in.

I’m going to list all my MSFS 3rd party airports, and some asobo stock airports and visit each one to see if the airbridges work. Zillions of people use GSX, so it must be just me that’s useless.

In that case, you can just go through the list on the left, find VTBD and just manually move it to the disabled list by selecting it and press the single right facing arrow.

@NeoKingRthur . Yes, that worked well. It looks like i need to go through my airport list and manually move them over on the list.
I have noticed that the couatl engine often needs restarting, easy to do, just curious if there is a common reason.
Also, I notice on the baggage trolley, when the curtain slides back, there are no bags, until the guy leans down, and 1 pops up magically and puts it on the conveyor, which disappears straight away. I wondered if it was because I have no active flight plan with PAX and baggage. I recall, there used to be bags?
Thanks for your help in this.

Yeah, I also experienced the couatl engine that need to restarted a few times especially before starting my approach to my destination. But that was a while ago, I haven’t been seeing the same issue recently with the latest version. But that might just be a coincidence thing.

About the baggage trolley, I’m not sure about it. I would think they’re just a standard animation that doesn’t dynamically change based on the flight plan. But maybe they do put in that level of detail.

Maybe you could try to have an active flight plan using SimBrief and load them in, and see what happens. I never start any flight without creating a flight plan in SimBrief so it always works for me.

But I do prefer using those Cargo-Containers over the baggage and conveyor even in my FBW A32NX, there’s something about them that screams “sophistication” when using cargo loaders.

I think maybe an issue with my couatl is my virus engine. I notice couatl will start as normal when booting. But some where during a flight, it stops. It will not restart if my virus engine is active. Pause my virus engine for a bit, then restart couatl. I need to play with “ignore” that exe file.

I am going to try a full aircraft and no plan flight to see if there is a difference in displayed bags, and if they are on the cart and travel the conveyor.

Agree about the baggage vs cargo containers. Flying into Louisville with a cargo flight looks really cool with the handling guys.

@NeoKingRthur OK, when I had many pax and baggage filed with Simbrief, I saw that when the baggage cart arrived, the first cart had stacks of bags. When the baggage handler placed bags on the conveyor, they travelled up into the a/c hold. However, Baggage cart 2 and 3 had no bags, and the baggage guy magically found a bag, threw it onto the conveyor, and it disappeared. Maybe with the Cargo-Containers will look better. Will try Containers next.
I noticed that the fuel truck appeared, connected, but did not record any fuel being pumped in as per fuel amount in Simbrief flight plan. Just kept advising that the truck was there and please use the refuelling system of your aircraft…Is it supposed to do anything, other than looking very professional?

Well, what aircraft did you use it on? If you use FlyByWire A32NX or the Headwind A339X aircraft, the fueling is done via the EFB Flypad. So once the GSX calls the fuel truck and have it connected, you need to open your EFB and start your refueling from there. Once the fueling is executed, the GSX fuel truck will start pumping the fuel and once it’s filled up, it’ll disconnect and drive away.

I was using the FBW A320…great aircraft, that gets better and better.
I made sure that I had an active flight plan created and generated by Simbrief, and was active. As soon as I loaded the a/c, I powered it up, then I went to the flight bag, Loaded the Simbrief data, loaded the Fuel and Pax, with real time delay setup. I then requested GSX to board passengers to start the process. Instantly, got the jetway connected, message said pax boarding in x minutes, Baggage carrier arrived and stared baggage drop off. When done, Fuel truck arrived and connected, but was like waiting for something to happen,by me [ its message above. maybe I have the timing wrong when carrying out the flybag fueling, or could be the GSX settings]? Catering arrived for back door. I had to stop there as real world demanded attention. Anyway, I can kind of creep up on that issue, as not a game changer. Looking forward to a complete cycle…dep - arr - dep.

When I use a GSX profile, is there any way I can tell if the profile I have installed, is active?

Well that’s your problem right there. When you use GSX, you can load the SimBrief profile through the flight bag but don’t load the Fuel and Pax just yet.

You need to wait for the fuel truck to arrive and connected first “THEN” you load the fuel using the flight bag. If you load the fuel using the flight bag first before the fuel truck arrived, it will get stuck.

Pax should also be automatic too. When GSX start boarding the pax, the flight bag will automatically read the GSX pax filling up, so it will slowly fill up according to the GSX pax density walking through the jetway/stairs.

When you open the Fuel/Payload page, you can press the Download button to import the plan from Simbrief, but don’t press the play button to start filling them up. You might need to do some additional setting in the Flight Bag configuration, especially with GSX integration.