Don’t be to harsh…here’s why you shouldn’t

I have complained in the past about performance, when it was bad on the day of an update that was supposed to fix everything.

I moaned a lot. And I even shunned the simulator for a while.

And since then, I have gradually thought about the task incumbent on the developers of the simulator on PC, knowing that the possible combinations of configurations of tens of thousands of players, depending on:

All graphics card models X All processor models X All RAM models X All possible storage systems X All internet connections X All bad settings ignored by some users X etc….

It’s (almost) impossible for developers to come up with an iteration that everyone can enjoy and work the same for everyone. This is the challenge.

So it’s good to feed back when something doesn’t work, but it’s unfair to blame the game publisher because the game doesn’t work the same on every machine in the world.


I hope that means it is running well on your system.


Actually yes, but I won’t change my mind if the next update makes everything crashing :rofl:


I think those of us who would rather play this sim on PC will just have to resign ourselves to the fact that MSFS 2020 is always going to be a work in progress. In a sense it will never be done. This is the nature of the beast, and probably why MS and Asobo went into this project with a 10-year plan for ongoing development.


Basically, I agree with your statement.
Being a programmer myself, I understand most of the problems that occur with such large updates. Others here in the forum do not, because most of the people here have no idea how programming works, what you have to consider etc… Here in the forum I read so much negative from people who probably can not even control their PC but complain about Asobo. Even the forum is not properly served by many, when I read some nonsensical subject line I already have no desire to look at the post. The search function to find perhaps already known and solved problems is unknown to many. Many errors/questions are asked several times. This is totally annoying.
Back in the alpha times, when the forum was not yet public, everything ran here very neatly. That’s long gone and now the XBox players are added, OMG.

So far on my PC, which is absolutely neat, everything installed cleanly, all drivers, no bugs, etc, all updates have not caused much trouble. I just know my way around and know what to do. CTDs I actually do not know at all. However, I must say that this SU5 from yesterday for the first time has caused me many problems, so many that I no longer understand it. I actually don’t know how and on which PCs Asobo and MS tested this update, it can’t have worked without problems for them.
For the first time I have CTDs, even when installing updates from the Content Manager. Bug here and bug there, everywhere.

Yes, this will all be fixed gradually, certainly, but I do not understand it all at the moment.
And what I also do not understand is, I could not see any improvement in performance after the update, same FPS as before the update 5.

So we have to wait and see what happens next.

You guys have a lot of rework to do now with this update 5.
But, keep up the good work. So far you have managed everything.


Why did it have to be cross-platform?!? Not EVERY game HAS to be cross-platform.

It doesn’t make any sense. Just make 2 different versions.

Why make people pay $60-$100 just to test your beta for a year, and then completely screw over that community and all of the 3rd party work from the last year???


In addition, the MSF2020 will not be successful on the XBox. There won’t be any real simmers there, but rather casual players who fly senselessly through the area with the gamepad.


Hi all,

I think those who complain the loudest, most likely spent big bucks buying a high end pc just to play this sim. Big mistake !!!
My 8 year old Dell pc does a good job with MSFS. Of course I’ve made appropriate adjustments allowing for its age.
Before the latest update, my framerate was in the 20-22 range flying over NYC at approx. 100 feet. After yesterday’s update my frame rate increased to between 32-34 fps flying with the same parameters over NYC. Scenery looks much better also.



I’ve had a few CTD’s since SU5 (something I’ve had only once since MSFS 2020’s launch). But I’m not having any trouble getting into the sim - no CTD at any of the menus or loading, etc, which a fair few are reporting. I even managed a complete flight without a CTD.

My PC is 2 years old - a Dell XPS with i7, 16GB RAM and a GTX 1080 (not even a ti). Somehow, it manages to run MSFS 2020 at ‘High End’ 1920x1080@30fps near-perfect. Even now, when it’s not CTD-ing it runs very smoothly.


sorry to tell you wrong. I do not have a high end rig pc, rather a “medium” one, and “old” if you consider it more than 3 years of age. Your asumption can be offensive for those who love this simulator and spend many hardly earned “bucks” ( next time you might be softer in your vocabulary, or at least more sensitive).
And untill now, it ( my medium rig) has done a very good job with this superb new flight simmulator. But i think it’s important people relate problems when there are. And you not having any…well, I’m just happy for you Sir. So please have a bit of compassion for those sharing the same passion for virtual flying, and do not moque them. Thank you very much in advance, in the name of all who don’t have a working sim, after the latest update


Are people conveniently forgetting that MS’s latest console is the very reason the Flight Simulator franchise was rebooted?

Of course the 2 systems were going to be tied.


No sane person would develop anything twice in parallell if they can do it only once.
Such statements are pointless.

I’m short of signing off the forums for a moth or two, it’s just ridiculous how people obviously having no idea of software development on a larger scale know everything better, could do everything better etc.


I never said you had a high end sim.
Don’t know where you got that assumption.
I also don’t think I was being overly insensitive. I wasn’t pointing fingers at any one individual just pointing out that those who seem to whine the loudest, have spent large sums of money for just ONE sim. That my friend is unfathomable in my book… but hey its their money. Too each his/her own.


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That is exactly the point! :ok_hand:


But see, that is exactly what developers get paid to do. They are highly skilled and use tools that are developed to work with these disparate systems. If it were easy, we would make our own. Maybe the group tasked with this gem is not up to that task, as much as another team would be. Forget the passion for the genre; if the skills are not present, then the product will be problematic.

I deeply respect people who develop this sort of stuff, but not every team is equal in skill or talent.

Give me 1 good reason this game is cross platform.

It doesn’t require ANY other players else to utilize every aspect of the game.

There was already a large, and growing, community. Not to mention all of the insane 3rd party content (Which is now just flushed down the tubes)

releasing major performance update (with other updates included) and releasing on another platform at same time doesn’t seem like great idea if you cared about bugs and user experience.

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This issue used to be a thing of the past when you were maybe talking about MSDOS/DRDOS operating systems. Gone are the days when a game may crash because it doesn’t like a particular mouse driver for example. Since then the adoption of a universal operating system in Windows this is far less likely to be a huge problem to overcome.

Yes the game is graphically intensive but no more so than many more out there with equally complicated designs. Yes it is online multiplayer but again this is not cutting edge design. Besides most of the issues have very little to do with graphics or internet connectivity but rather seem to be centred around coding issues. How for instance do you explain why seemingly identical rigs can produce entirely different gameplay experiences? One may work perfectly while another is plagued with CTDs for instance. Most damningly is the fact that no-one is able to compare these issues we are seeing with any other game currently on the market. The fact that only one year in from the release of the title the software can be optimised to such a huge degree. It does suggest that the game was rushed out (as we all believed at the time) and the devs have been buiding up from an unstable base.

Unfortunately I think we are seeing the result of attempting to cash in too early on a piece of software while MS kept their fingers crossed it wouldn’t crash and burn. We are no beginning to see the chickens coming home to roost.

It brings more people into aviation. If that’s not a reason for you, it certainly is for many.

XBox sales were counted into the multi-year plan for the sim, they pay for the upcoming years of free updates.

Maybe we should compare MSFS with Cyberpunk 2077? It’s not like CDPR doesn’t have skilled people and still they failed to deliver by a huge margin. But you all know it better, again :slight_smile:
Probably never worked with limited resources on a limited budget.


Call me selfish but I don’t care about XBox users. I just want the software I have paid for work as advertised.