Don’t be to harsh…here’s why you shouldn’t

You don’t need cross-platform or multi-player to get into aviation.

Call me selfish but I want a product I paid for to be supported, maintained and improved for the advertised 10 years. Your one-time USD 60 purchase doesn’t pay for that.

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Fortunately MS sold it to more than me (and for significantly more than $60), and so yes, it does pay for it. If you’re happy to wait 10 years to get a stable product then good for you.

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This is not aviation. It is playing a cool game on a computer. I DO get the jest of your comment, but who cares if it brings more people to play. All of us are here playing and we we’re not on a console. Yea it costs more to play on a PC, but so what?

Remember when air travel was expensive? The flights were more enjoyable, you had nicer attendants, more leg room, an overall nicer experience. Making something available to the masses is not always a good thing.


Getting that way myself too

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It should, however, work the same on a given machine after an update. When MSFT udpates Excel, I would bet a pretty penny that formulas, macros, etc, work the same update after update. That cell that shows “=2+2” isn’t suddenly going to show “5” as an answer after an update. The longitude model I play has never worked the same after an update and this time, it’s even worse. That’s wrong.

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So if your internet goes out, you have no right to complain, since your monthly payment does not pay for your ISPs network infrastructure? Ludacris.

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You are lucky John, my experience is the opposite. In VR i used to get mid 30s fps, after this update I’m in the low 20s, and there is also lower clarity for distant objects.

I’m feeling discouraged by this whole upate system.

Sorry to read this PScaber.
Have you tried adjusting your settings ?

Seriously? So are we talking again going back to a time that only some financially elite people should be able to play a sim properly?

I’m happy that those making the decisions don’t think that way.

No, it doesn’t. XBox was always a big planned contribution to the sim’s cost.

But yeah, do what you want. I’m out.


Do you understand the difference between monthly and a one time payment?


The problem as someone who develops applications, from my point of view is…The lack of any type of type of regression testing, not being done by MS/Asobo. It’s not the “fun” part of software development, but it has to be done. You go back and test everything, to make sure you haven’t broken something, with any kind of new update. That means, testing everything…It seems the approach is, do some kind of update, that promises big fixes in one place but they don’t bother to check to see if something else got broken by whatever is new…As an example, the toggle spoilers command just…doesn’t work anymore…Nobody bothered to fly any of the planes with spoilers and didn’t notice this? It’s like everyone fires up a Cessna 172, takes off, flies around for 10 minutes and…were all good here!

What bothers me even more is, they supposedly have beta testers…Are they even bothering to listen to the feedback, in any meaningful way? As an example, I get the UI changes needed for XBOX…But nobody on the PC side of testing spoke up or any of the beta testers said anything about this?

Sure, why not. I have no problem with that.

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You’re missing the point here. NO ONE is saying you don’t deserve to play this game. Not a single person has said that. I certainly don’t think it should only be on PC. If Xbox players want to fly… Then by all means, make it happen.

But there is NO reason Xbox players HAVE to play with PC user. ESPECIALLY at the expense of the PC users.

Good thing you’re not the one paying Asobo’s bills. They need to scale to support the development. Your one time $60 has already been spent.


Wow, just wow. Truth is certainly coming out now. I had thought the forums were starting to move away from the elitism I experienced as a nooby back nearly a year ago, but evidently not. You know what, a good dose of reality wouldn’t go amiss with many people here.

Has no one been listening to thje dev Q&A, about the vision that the team has - no simmer left behind and all that? Also evidently not (and I shouldn’t be surprised becuase it is clearly too hard for people to even read the release notes).

This train has left the station and is heading in the direction that Asobo and Microsoft want to take it. That direction is clear, it’s bold and it is inspiring. For those concerned about the “masses” coming to play on their lawn - I suggest it might be time for you to bale out. mmmm maybe I mixed too many metaphors there :grin:


There is a reason why it’s cross platform. They can’t maintain two different branches. It’s not financially feasible. This is a really easy concept to understand.


Well, it’s kinda frustrating knowing we all paid $60-100 just to be beta testers.

And then have the switcheroo pulled on us.

how much do you think i am willing now to buy any aircraft from market or buy 1000 dollars worth of additional hardware i was planning on purchasing (yoke and pedals + monitor) ?

OK, how about the toaster on your counter then. The point is that his and mine and your and everyone else money has paid for this game. We are ALL stakeholders and have a right to complain when something is broken. Surely you understand that.

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