Donegal Bug?

Set flight from Inverness VOR-VOR to Donegal which takes me via Belfast Intl.

Early morning in the YMF-5 biplane. No previous problems elsewhere with this plane. Saved the flight at Belfast Intl.
On the last leg at almost precisely 38nm from Belfast Intl the sim CTDs. I have run the save 5 times and the same has happened.
Last couple of times ran MSI Afterburner:
Max Graphics Ram used: 7000 of 11000 (2080Ti)
Max Memory Used: 10Gb of 16Gb

Happily flying elsewhere with my current setup.

is the CTD allways at exact same position, alt, etc. ? have you coords or vfr map image ?

Pretty much the same position and was flying at 3500ft each time. No VOR between Belfast Intl and Donegal so was using the ‘from’ position from the previous Belfast VOR in a direct line to Donegal. Seems really strange, as with this plane I’ve flown many hours and had no problems. If I try again I’ll take a VFR map shot, but as I cannot get a save nearer to the spot seems a lot of time wasted to do again. Saves don’t exactly save where you want them in MSFS and it’s about 55nm from the problem in a slow plane.

I tried it with the mooney… no issues so far… beside of wind 33 :joy:

I’ll set up a flight with a different plane later, see how that goes…

ah… I seen now that you own 16GIG RAM… don’t forget to check/increase windows virtual memory. Taskmanager show you around 10GIG use, but commited is much more >16GIG.

Yes I had thought the 16Gb was the limit. Had purchased another 16Gb but MemTest86 found the other two banks on the motherboard were faulty, so need another motherboard :frowning_face:

realy the banks and not the memory settings in BIOS ? If the new sticks not same type you can also run into issues.

In meanwhile as say’d easy increase the windows virtual memory setting to e.g. minimum value 4GIG and maximum value 20 Gig ( or 25 )… or set min/max as same.

Settings in BIOS are ok. I know it was the other 2 banks as I tried both sets of memory there. They both failed in those banks but were fine in the other two. I had already set the Virtual Memory to greater than W10 default. I sort of know my way around PCs having been a IT Network Manager before I retired. I was considering upgrading recently as my PC is 3.5 years old (but with the recent addition of the 2080Ti) it is an Intel i7-7700k which is pretty good but it’s not much point going for a new Mobo the same as it just sends you down a cul-de-sac. Best to get a new processor as well.

ah :slight_smile: … I have a 8700k , but 64GIG Mem.

I case of upgrade I would have similar thinking , but it’s currenlty not the best time to buy new hardware.