Don't Allow Captain Sim C-130 in Marketplace

Please do not allow the C-130 made by Captain Sim into the marketplace. The flight sim community has already shunned him from his very poor work in his latest releases. The fact he is trying to charge for all these poorly made aircraft is sad and not good for the image of the in game store.

Here is a news post to show more information about the C-130 release.

Please share below if you Agree or Disagree with my opinion so Microsoft and Asobo knows how we feel about this issue. I think we should keep the trash out of the in game marketplace at least. Or allow 24 hour refunds, etc.


That has been posted already but thanks for the alert.

Can you link me to it please.

I will try.

This is more a request to not allow it in the marketplace, not an alert to the lack of cockpit.

Try this

I don’t know what the bit on bottom means,

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You can get a refund from the marketplace. It’s been done before.

And while I also think CaptainSim’s products and all those Deimos aircraft are horrible, it would be totally out of line to suddenly ban him with the C130 since he is not doing anything illegal or neferious. And (unfortunately) there seem to be enough people around who will be happy with a toy C130 without a cockpit. The MSFS clientel is obviously different and more diverse than with XP and P3D.

So while you and I think CaptainSim’s stuff is awful, there’s no law against selling and buying awful stuff, other people may see CS differently and in the end the market regulates itself anyway


Here is another news story.
Captain Sim Releases C-130 Hercules for MSFS – Flight Simulator Internet News Network (

Completely disagree it should be removed from the marketplace, completely disagree it is unfortunate some people are happy with a C-130 without a cockpit, completely disagree it is awful. I would never buy it, that is the only part I agree with.

If people are buying it the market is there, and Microsoft’s cut of the purchase is what is funding development and maintenance of the sim for our benefit.

If people are happy when they fly it and get a great experience from it that in itself is awesome. If they couldn’t buy it they would have missed out on that experience.


If the exterior model is good, why not let people who do not care about a modeled cockpit buy it from the marketplace?

As far as I know, it is clearly stated in the description that it does not come with a cockpit.

It’s like asking your local grocery store to not sell food you dislike.


Better make it a vote to ban and remove CS from marketplace

I will not buy it, because I want a cockpit. It clearly states that there is no cockpit. Some people may be happy with that, as some were happy with Aeroplane Heaven’s Ctrl-Ezy aircraft (cockpit with forward view only).
If I parted with my cash and then found it had no cockpit, I would be very unhappy.
But it is clear that there is no cockpit, so what is the problem?
I am disappointed that Captain Sim, who produced excellent aircraft for FSX and P3D, are putting out such low-quality products now, but they are not passing them off as high-quality simulations.

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This is not the place to make requests about Product inclusion (or exclusion), which by it’s very nature already violates the spirit of the Standard Operating Procedures. Please file a Zendesk Ticket.