Don't forget the smaler planes, e.g. C208B

Dear Asobo Team, I know it’s not the favorit plane for the community, but it has his place in MSFS and also deserves a fixing and improvment.
There are a couple of bugs and improvements at the C208B, please don’t forget them

Cabin lights are not working correct = since SU6
Intertial Seperator has no impact on the engine/Torque
The colour of the engine values at the MFD are to dark, nearly unreadable


Look into the Blacksquare C208 if you like that type of plane. It’s a really great plane. That said, I agree, Asobo should also make some of the fixes you mention on the in game version.

Thanks, but I’m talking about the default plane(s) and not about addons

Yes the C208B seems to have rather dropped off the development radar, even the freeware mod sector seems to have abandoned it. Would be good to see some of the sort of effort that has brought such an improvement to the default TBM 930 lavished on the Caravan.


Should bring back the floats while they’re at it.


There is a Wishlist topic for this! :slight_smile:

I know, but MS, Asobo seems to ignore it