Don't know if this is a coincidence but might be worth trying regarding ctd/freezes with game mode in windows

Hi guys I was having issue’s in the sdk 0.14.0 build with it freezing when loading in the objects list after opening a project in the sdk would have to end up going to task manager to exit the sim.
Have also had some crashes when using the sim normally.

Anyway after SU5 i had turned game mode in windows back on to see if it made any difference to performance.
But anyway i thought to turn it back off and try the sim again, this time it didn’t freeze.
Have tried it a few times now and hasn’t crashed again no idea if it’s possible game mode has any impact on number of crashes for other in the sim.

Before SU5 I had turned game mode off a long time ago as performance was better I also wasn’t having many crashes before SU5.

I haven’t tested if disabling it could be causing my crashes, but game mode does cause problems sometimes: Try turning off Windows 10's Game Mode if your games are stuttering or freezing | PC Gamer

I meant turning game mode back off seemed to stop the issue I was having.
(Ignore that seen your other post so know you know what i meant.)

Wondered if it was possibly causing any issue’s outside of using the SDK.
Be interested if it helps anyone else.

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My game mode is off and still a lot of crashes.
So that did not solve the CTD’s for me. To bad!

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