Don't see through and multiplayer reliability

Hi there, an option to don’t see through close planes would be nice, it’s pretty annoying for formation flight.

Also even if two players are in the same group they are not sure to play together (on same server).

Need a reliable way to play multiplayer.

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Agreed, maybe this thing was puting out too early

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Most forums don’t allow bumping of threads if you don’t have anything useful to add, and for good reason. Here we have an automated bumper pulling up old threads, often irrelevant to the current state of the sim. What is the reasoning behind this??

Hi there,
When this Wishlist topic was created, there was no voting in this category. When voting was introduced, it became necessary for there to be one topic per request, and one request per topic. I have merged your topic into an older topic with more votes on the same request. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, I am not sure what this means:

But if it means what I think it does, you may wish to vote for this Wishlist topic:

@Tjoeker , we installed a topic bumper because there are a lot of good ideas that no longer come to the surface because they have run out of conversation. For example, your idea here has not been at the top of Wishlist since last September. Meanwhile, some people seek to abuse the system by bumping their own topics. We have been trying to crack down on people bumping their own topics. We are trying to be more fair in the forums by having a tool that does the bumping for you. This bumper is going to resurface older, duplicate topics. But we are also trying to close them out quickly. If you scroll down Wishlist, you hopefully will not find too many dupes.