Don't we all like to see ships?

I found some nice ones. Check out Helgoland !

If you see more nice handwork ships like this, please post them here, with a screenshot…


Cool I presume your using global ships mod?

Nope… no addins… Helgoland was part of the WU-6

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Looks great!

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Thx, I used life weather for above images… the sea around Helgoland looks great atm.

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I’ve had that installed… but I did not install it yet after WU-6

It’s great, but the above is official scenery. Here’s a link,

We’re in the screenshot section now… please post your ships ! Addon… or official…

Is that the one that’s supposed to be coming to the marketplace?

Are they static or do they move around a little?

I always thought I wouldn’t care about ships. But after seeing a real world landing in Singapore where there were a whole load of ships in the sea during approach, it felt empty in MSFS doing the same approach.

Yes they move… at sea there are Maersk container ships that move.

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What about UFO’s, fishing boats, surfers, lighthouses, etc? Great for updates to CTD

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