Doors not opening + fuel

Hi everybody.

I’ve been using MSFS for 6 months now and ever since i have started flying i can’t open any doors or have them keep opened. The doors close the moment i move my mouse yet all AI assitance options are off.

I usually fly the Flybywire a320nx but in order to see if the problem was caused due to the simulator or the aircraft i’ve reinstalled MSFS completely, uninstalled all addons from the community folder, uninstalled a320nx, disabled all ai assistance options, started with the Asobo a320neo, connected the jetway and baggage and i still encounter this problem. Today i bought GSX Pro hoping this problem would magicly dissapear, but it didn’t. I can’t use GSX Pro at the moment because for example the catering service can’t enter telling me i need to open the doors.

I’ve made a short video to show the problem. In this video i use the Asobo a320neo to show i encounter this problem not with the Flybywire aircraft only. At the end of the video the door just shuts itself again.

I also have a fuel and weight problem which i have a feeling might be connected to the doors issue. During a flight with the a320 i have a ‘check weight’ problem. The fuel settings are correct but once in a while the fuel ammount jumps to full capacity causing check weight error. Unlimited fuel is ticked off. I can’t upload the video here now but whenever i move my mouse the doors close again.

I’ve been Googling about this issue but never found anybody having the same issue so i’m getting kind of desperate. I know this is rather a MSFS related problem but I haven’t received an answer from their forums and maybe this problem has been encountered befored.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,