Dornier Do J Wal - Release Time

Anyone has a time this dinosaur is going to hit the marketplace?

Or has it postponed another time?


Just had the same thought…


It 8PM here in Central Europe.

If I remember correctly, the Ju52 from this developer had several postponments in the last minute.

No problem, I am just VERY looking forward for this flying boat, so I am anxious to get my hands on it.

I also wonder if it will end up being released today ?
it’s pretty later here in France.


I am pleased to inform you that it is on marketplace now.


thanks for the Heads Up !

THX for the update

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Thanks, good flight everyone

Three versions

Looks like they strapped a wing on a whale, then bolted an engine on top of that. I love it. Since I’m without throttle for a few more days, I hope to see some of your videos while I wait.

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Well, that would be very appropriate. After all “Wal” is the German word for “whale” :slight_smile:


I have problems to start the Wal, but as this is an absolute cult classic for me, I have a big grin on my face, flying this around Lake Malawi.
Gonna have to read some checklists and Manuals later on.


It’s been released. Here is the announcement:

Official discussion has opened up on this, so I will be closing this topic.