Dornier Jo J Cabin

Just got the new Local Legend boat and she’s a beaut. However, how do you get down in the cabin? I see the little door to the left but I’m not sure how to open it.

I want to get the camera down there to save a custom camera location to enjoy the view during flight.

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weird, i selected aircraft category shrug

There’s an SDK Aircraft Category, a Bugs & Issues Aircraft Category, a Community Help Aircraft Category and a Third Party Aircraft Category. Type ahead sometimes will pick the first one which is not necessarily what you wanted. :slight_smile:


IOW, your question has nothing to do with the SDK, since it is a discussion about a finished product, not about how to create an aircraft.

It is more appropriate currently for the 3rd Party Aircraft forum, or better, the hopefully soon to return Default Aircraft category (I’m not sure why it was removed in the first place, but it is what it is), since it’s akin to the Deluxe and Premium aircraft of the simulator and is by license an MSFS product.

To answer the original question, use the Showcase camera to move around and into the cabin. The door on the nose opens up.


is that the same as the drone camera?

I used the drone camera to check the area inside the hatches, it works pretty well.
You can move yourself to the engine compartment without going into the drone camera but I couldn’t do that for the front cabin.
If it’s not working for you, you can check out how I did it here: Dornier Do J Whale Flying Boat First Look | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - YouTube

Showcase fixed camera 9 I believe it is, shows you a fixed view inside the cabin. If you use the drone camera the plane will Bob around because you aren’t anchored in it. They should have made it so you could move the cockpit camera in there.

yeah I’m looking for a way to get just the regular cockpit camera translated into the cabin so I can save a custom view looking out the window.

almost all of the default planes have this infuriating invisible wall in the cabin though, so you have to mod it. i bet I can do it with this one by changing:


eyepoint = 15.2, 0, 0.7 ;

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