Dornier Jo J Checklist Help

trying out the interactive checklists, however I feel like I’m missing something as they aren’t being helpful. As seen in the screenshot i’m on “FUEL SELECTOR → BOTH” and it has highlighted the fuel selector, except it’s not in English :thinking:. And I see no way to have the checklist automatically turn the fuel selector to both.

So am I missing something here? Because as it stands I can’t start this plane

Both is at the bottom. “Alle” means all

Hi @SinfulDanTheMan,
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thanks, yeah I can guess that here, but that doesn’t get around the problem of the checklist and the instruments being in different languages without a way for the checklist to actually perform the checklist action. how does the average joe get around this?

buy domestic? :wink:

The hover text is in English I thought. I could be wrong, booting into sim now. (Not trying to be annoyingly pedantic but just a head’s up it’s a Do J, not Jo J.)

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is there a way for the checklist to perform the command. that would solve all of these problems