Dose anyone have Any more information on the Asobo ATR yet?

My top question about is it is will it come with an ai model? And is their going to be the Asobo liveries with it, I’m hoping American Pacific would return as a livery because of the Dash 8 in fsx had that as a default livery because that’s the only fsx livery missing from when Asobo released the liveries


Sadly, I haven’t heard much about it lately. I’m waiting hard on it though as I love that aircraft


I will wait for the MilViz version, the Asobo model will likely be very good but for system depth I would trust MV more. As a real world ATR -600 pilot, I need all the systems being modelled right down to the tiniest detail otherwise I’m not buying it. And you can’t make an ATR by the book, the ATR manuals are really bad, a by the book ATR won’t be a ATR. I know MilViz is working with real world ATR pilots to make that happen, not sure about Asobo.


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