Double pointers in VR

This could just be something I’m doing wrong, but when in VR, Pimax 5k+, I see 2 mouse pointers, and it is always a challenge to decide which one does the clicking.

Is anyone else experiencing this or am I all alone on this one?

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I usually depends on the plane you’re using.
It was a very common issue some time ago when plane creators improperly defined the invisible surfaces defining the cockpit area. Lately, most of them are mostly OK.

Is this the issue you are talking about?

If so, and until it is fixed, the left eye is the correct cursor position, so just close your right eye to use it.

It does ressemble to this.
Meanwhile, the issue I was talking about was mostly resolved by most creators few months ago.
There may be a link with your VR headset.

Let’s wait a bit to see if other members have something to add.

It’s a sim issue. Have it on every plane with quest 2. Only in instrument view. Works fine when using right click mouse zoom.

Stilling haven’t been fix🤦🏽‍♂️

Yes I too have it only in instrument view…

Same here. Instrument view only.

This was reported in this thread

There was a hot fix issued early March which fixed the bug for some but not all.
Someone in the forum said that switching the Home Cockpit option off fixed it; it did for me but only for a few days and then it was back, no idea why.
The bug is still present in the latest SU9 build and it only appears when using instrument view in any aircraft.
In “normal” VR view and if using the VR zoom function the cursor is normal but as soon as you switch to any instrument view the cursor appears double.
Reverb G1 headset
Using OpenXR toolkit.

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