"Double Vision" in Downloads?

I’ve had a recurrent problem with some downloads from Flightsim.to. In the most-used Matterhorn scenery, I was getting 2 layers of terrain, one high on the mountain, as if “floating” over the other one much further down.

In the Srivasnan Washington DC, I’m getting 2 Washington Monuments, one grafted on to the other? Everything else seems OK.

Any ideas what causes this? Any fixes?


Hi @Mac6737,
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Most of what causes this is the developer has not removed the default scenery when they created their add-on. Some of these add-ons were “first” before they got introduced into the base MSFS.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. But the Matterhorn had a 4.9 rating after 16,260 DLs. You wouldn’t think it had such a glaring problem. Anyway, I subsequently DLd the other Matterhorn, and it displays just fine in my sim.

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Always check the last update on the addons that don’t work.
Chances are, that it’s simply no longer maintained and the good reviews were from before it broke.

Hi @Mac6737,
I’m going to mark your post as “solution” and close the topic.
Happy flying!