Doubt about photogrammetry

Hi, I had a question about which areas does the photogrammetry affect?

affect only the city areas created by photogrammetry? or does it affect the entire planet landscapes airports etc?

that is, if I am flying through the middle of a forest or mountains, does it make a difference if I have the photogrammetry option activated or deactivated?

taking into account that I have the option of bing maps enabled

Having photogrammetry ‘disabled’ will only affect cities where there is photogrammetry enabled in MSFS. Disabling photogrammetry will render the city with autogen buildings instead of the photogrammetry scenery.

For the rest of the world you should see no change.


Thank you so much friend and another doubt… in to the airports affects??

I fly with Photogrammetry disabled.

I do not care about big cities at all. I rarely ever visit one in MSFS.
Also I find the autogenerated buildings totally fascinating and hand crafted stuff is imho downloaded and on my harddisk.

At least without photogrammetry I have one less thing to worry about which gives MSFS a bad FPS performance on my system.

I can’t find a downside yet to having disabled Photogrammetry a couple of weeks ago.

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I took two photos of Bristol, from the exact same spot, and uploaded them here.

From where I was the city didn’t look massively different. The PG version might have looked a little better, and the colour rendition certainly was. But if you go down to street level, the it obviously looks worse.

My sneak advice would be to leave it on if your system can handle it.

Disabling photogrammetry should not adversely affect any of the airports, what they look like or their functionality.

In some airports in photogrammetry areas, where there is photogrammetery ‘scenery’ that overlaps part of the airfield boundary, disabling photogrammtery will remove this from the airport- if that makes sense.