Down the Bahamas

If you are in for a Group Flight in the Bahamas, here is the plan:

November 5th
7h30 pm UTC

This is the planned route:

More info and voice channel on my Discord:


I am looking forward to this flight. I just flew the first 2 legs and I think a Beechcraft Bonanza is the perfect plane. Tried a 152 but it took 45 min. just for the first leg.

What server are you on? I take it East USA. Don’t really need a flight plan as everything is all lined up.
Flew through a few nice short storms on live weather. Lots of great storms around these islands.

See you there!!!

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I will be on west Europe. The flight should be a lot fun !
I guess you enjoyed the first two legs :slight_smile:
I don’t know if you joined the discord for the voice channel ? Otherwise don’t hesitate to do so.
Looking forward to see you very soon.

Take care

Oh, and also, what do you think if the scenery ? It’s pretty cool, right

Yes the scenery is good. OK West Europe server

Thanks a lot :ok_hand:t2:

Thank you so much everyone who was on the group flight ! This was so much fun. I really appreciate everyone who was there !
Attached a couple of screenshots of today’s flight:

And there are so many more on the Discord !

Hope to see you all soon on another Flight !

Stay safe everyone

Oh, and not to forget the departure :slight_smile: