~~Down the River Rhein~~ msFlights.net

Join us at msFlights.net for some short hops around Europe’s Rhein River on Saturday Sep 5th @ 8pm EDT.

It has been exactly 5 years(to the month) that we started this flight series!
Let’s explore the new visual and performance offerings of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.
In this flight, we will continue our journey following the Rhein River from Zurich Airport.

Flight Plan

  • Use the GPS as a guide, Not direct!
  • We will be following the river
  • Download the flight plan HERE(when available).

Aircraft: Any that can maintain 140 knots(may change).

Speed ~140kts(may change).

As desired, mine will be mostly low level.

Simulator Version
I will be flying on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, Followers in FSX, P3D, and X-plane are always welcome.

Multiplayer Server
MFS East USA server.
Pending update to simconnect for JoinFS followers on other simulators.

Weather & Time
Real world weather or fair weather if real world is not adequate.
If you would like to see the same time as me, set your time to 6PM Local/4:00PM UTC at Friedrichshafen.

Check back before group flight for updates/changes that may occur.

Join us on Discord for voice communication: https://discord.gg/fyWX3Ep
Instructions to setup Discord: https://www.msflights.net/forum/forum/general-forums/general-discussion/5351-how-to-setup-discord-voice-communication-software