Download from Microsoft Store Deluxe one third of scenery and bush trip missing?

The sim is working fine. But all of the new scenery France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland is missing I guess that is why the bush trips are also missing?
Checked Microsoft Store and made sure all is updated it was.
Checked Content Manager: Nothing to install?
Not installed (0)
Update available (0)
Downloading (0)
Space used 89GB ?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. " Hoping not to have to delete and re-install again?"

If you go to the marketplace within the sim, you should see a set of free World Update bundles ready to install.


Hi @NineMile1,
Instructions are listed here:

What AeroCaptain said - the added scenery is in the marketplace. It’s free but you add it there.

And now a word from our sponsor - Too Many Locations To Do Updates…

Asobo/MS - right now on major updates, I have to check for and update the sim in no less than FOUR places.

1 - Microsoft Store or Steam to update the program stub.

2 - The main checking for updates menu.

3 - In Content Manager where multiple updates lurk with no other notice of pending updates.

4 - In the Marketplace to get the scenery regions.

To be fair, those are optional freebies in 4, but it is yet another place to look and download things. 1, 2, and to some extent, 3, aren’t optional.

MS/Asobo - Most programs are 1 click and done. Anyone who writes software and deals with user interfaces will tell you a 4 step, 4 different location update process is UI design that would probably get you guys near failing grades if you were still in school.

You really, I mean really need to switch to a single page menu. Make your choices and let the program update.

This 4 step update process (to be fair, sometimes it’s just one) is rank amateur and is probably causing trouble ticket churn.

Thank you I should have remembered this because I did it on my computer over a year ago. I was helping a friend. Most be getting old?
Have a good day.

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No worries - it’s not obvious at all that you need to do that, and quite a few people over on the MSFS Discord had similar issues. Glad that resolved it for you :+1:

Thanks for posting this, because I just read your post, I just realized I never installed it either :slight_smile:

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I’ve downloaded the updates but the Denmark bush trip is not included. Not sure what happened, but how can I find/download the Denmark bush trip?

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