I’d like a dev to answer me one question. Why does the download consist of numerous fspackages with a “base version number”, and then a ton of fspatch files that I assume are overwriting parts of the fspackages downloaded previously? Why doesn’t the dev team simply update the fspackages at the very least between Sim Update releases? This approach is inefficient as hell, and for people that don’t have the luxury of having a well stocked and well connected CDN server nearby, a nightmare. My last clean install took me 4 days straight just to get into the game, and now the second day to download all the world updates in the content manager.

I cannot answer your question, but I have a suggestion in case you are still struggling with the download.
I had the same issue as yours, downloading was slow and erratic.
I used a free VPN called ProtonVPN, and suddenly the speed was maxed and stable.
They have free servers in Asia, Europe and the US, I guess their servers are making it easier to hit fast CDN endpoints.

Hope it is helpful, if you have already completed the download please ignore my message.

I tried it, free server Netherlands, speed test showed 23Mbit, but the sim itself didn’t get past the checking for updates phase for 15 minutes before I just uninstalled it and returned to my ■■■■■■ 7Mbit, that at least did kick in.

When I tried it the update had already started, it was after the check update phase.
I also used a NL server.

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