Download issues_Download returned


I have been trying to download the game but there comes a point in the download where all the progress is completely returned. It’s been frustrating. I have uninstalled and installed the game several times. The platform has been by Game pass in windows 10. Has anyone else happened or has the solution to the problem?

I went to work where we have a 10Gbps pipe as opposed to my 300 Mbps at home and installed Flightsim on an old Dell laptop that had no chance in hell of running the program, but it did download all the packages. I brought the laptop home and transferred the files to my PC which was happy then. It still won’t load a flight. I got the menu, the game selected high end settings but no matter what I choose from the menu, I get a full blue bar and then it just sits there until I close it. Had it for a week and can’t play it. No answer from tech support. Good luck.

I’m late, but this problem might have something with the latest nvidia driver update, to be able to launch the sim, you have to have the latest nvidia drivers, otherwise it will stay on an incomplete menu like your description…