Download Loop-Install Issues Still Present When Reinstalling Sim

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No, it has been Zendesked to death and has not been addressed in over a year?

It is in my opinion, disgraceful that this developer has not addressed the core issues surrounding installation and download loops. I jumped on this sim when it launched and had the SAME ISSUES with the download loop. I thought I would give it another try after a year, bough a one month game pass and installed with NO ISSUES. Ran the sim for a week and tried to install some liveries which was giving me an error about the file name being too long, as the default install directory has a massive file name. I tried to reinstall to a new folder and now I’m in the infinite download looop. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET A SOLUTION TO THIS! IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

#PC Steam here.

I’m having the same problem. I tried to get the free world update from earlier in the year for Japan. The download kept failing in the content manager. So I uninstalled the game, manually deleted any file or folder that was left over from the install, both in the steam folder and app data folders. Then I tried to reinstall. Now I’m stuck at the installation manager with it looping on the first file.

Install path C:\Users\mrjer\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages

What I have tried to do so far:

  • Uninstall game and reinstall
  • Reboot multiple times including in-between uninstall and reinstall
  • Stop the Sim and delete the file it stuck trying to download. (asobo-flight-tutorials-newlanding-0.1.15.fspackage) It’s this same file every time also.
  • Tried to install in a different location and different drive
  • Check for Windows updates and update GPU drivers

My PC Specs are:
Window 10
32 GB Memory
GPU nvidia 2070
1TB nvme drive
2 TB SATA x2

MS is aware and just made an announcement about it and are working on it.

[KNOWN ISSUE] Download loops - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Great, thanks!

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One way around that is to install the sim to a non-default folder. For me that is right at the root of my D drive.

Thank god they acknowledged it at least. Wonder how long it’ll take to fix?

Wow, thank you.

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That’s what I was attempting to do, at first I thought renaming the packages directory would save it from the uninstall, but apparently the uninstall just wipes the folder. So I had to reinstall and tried to go to the root folder but now I’m in the loop hahaha. But this issue was the exact same issue I had last year at launch. The initial install froze, and when I uninstalled and retried it went into the download loop. It feels like to me it has to do with permissions and the bloated way that the Microsoft Store operates and locks files behind hidden system folders.