Download of mandatory content resets constantly

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When downloading the 40GB or so of mandatory content update after updating to, each file resets and starts again repeatedly, making progress into the game impossible.

I’ve had issues like this one from initial release, but limiting bandwidth to MSFS2020 to about 500 KB/sec has been enough to keep the download moving. For this update, even as low as 100 KB/sec doesn’t fix it reliably.

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Start MSFS2020. Allow to load to update check. Press button to start download.

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i7-8700, 16GB, GTX 1660

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: (when it was this bad.)
Initial release for more moderate problem.

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Is the updater looping on the same file? If so stop your sim, delete that file and relaunch the simulator.

It is looping on the same file, but it will just loop again if I delete it. Doesn’t really help to delete the file. And then it’ll loop on the next file, should it happen to make it through the first one. All the way through the 300+ files.

Aargh…I just watched it get to 63% of that first file. I was so hopeful. Then it looped again. (That first one, is, I think, roughly half a gig.)

I tried turning off autotuning of the network. That seemed to get past a hump, but I think it was just chance. It’s now back to the same behavior, even with autotuning turned off. No amount of limiting bandwidth helps.