Download Speed very slow for EU


the download speed for installation or update is very slow for people from EU.
I currently have to reinstall MSFS 2020. The download started 4 hours ago und until now I have only 50 GB out of 152,5 GB.
I have a 200 Mbs connection what works very well and the average download speed of MSFS 2020 is around 10 Mbs.
After a bit of research I found out that MSFS downloads all the files direct from a server in Redmond - USA (IP:
As a company like Microsoft, why is there no download servers in EU? Why do we have to get all the data from Redmond if you have your own cloud in EU?

Please, provide the files also via EU servers so that we have full download speed!
It is a “pain in the ■■■” to wait hours and hours for only 152,5 GB and in the year 2021 this must be go much faster specialy if we talk about a company like Microsoft!!!

Well I’m in the UK and until a short while ago we were in the E.U.
I have a 300MB connection and downloaded it at over 200MBps at release last August.
During the updates I usually get over 100Mbps and that’s probably slow because I’m downloading it soon after release when many others are also hammering the servers at the same time.
The last update I was at work so downloaded it the next day and got over 180MBps so I don’t think it’s because the servers are in the USA.

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Hi @SkyBeat2008,
This topic may be of some interest to you:

Most in EU (not all) should show a connection to a server in Amsterdam. MS IP addresses used to list the geolocation but looks like they have updated some records to reflect only the registrant owner geolocation.

To sum up that link I posted, try using a VPN as a test (ProtonVPN has free 7 day trial) to bypass your ISP to see if it may be an issue there. When you pick a server from a VPN pick one that is the closest to you and expand from there. If no change in speed, then you know it’s not your ISP.

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