Download Stalls Out After ~30 GB

Was looking for suggestions on what I might do to get past a download block. It keeps stalling out after downloading ~30 GB and then will freeze up. When I restart my PC, it boots back to the last saved download point, and then stalls at “please wait” and stays there until it inevitably crashes again. I’m at a loss for what to do. The exact freeze point is with 59.98 GB left in the download.)

At this point I have:

Updated Windows (10, v 2004)
Updated GPU drivers
Uninstalled/reinstalled flight simulator
Swapped out WiFi for ethernet cable

Honestly, just getting the program to run without causing my screen to go black and freeze would be a huge improvement.

Gigabyte Z170X motherboard
i5 6600k CPU
AMD rx 580 GPU

Go to the download location, sort the files by date, deleted the latest file, then restart the installer.

The download is not stalling, its still working in the background. The problem is people are impatient and think its frozen and restart the pc only to have to start the process over.

My friend had the same problem. He called me up saying his download is frozen, told him not to touch anything and 2 minutes later it moved and he was able to install without issues.

Let the game install over night and go to bed so you dont have to watch it download and thinking its frozen

Is this true even if you lose visuals on the screen? My problem is during the download the screen goes black as if the HDMI cable was no longer connected to the GPU when it stalls. I left it running for a few hours after that happened last night and never got visuals back

maybe your pc or screen is going to sleep. Make sure to turn off all those power saving features

I’m giving that a shot, but I’m not optimistic. The screen often goes black within like 2 minutes of launching the program. I suspect it something else. All the equipment except for the motheboard and RAM is brand new, so I doubt its a faulty GPU.

Thanks! I tried this too, and it still stalls out and the screen goes black, just at a different location now :slight_smile:

if the screen is going black within 2 mins of running the program, then your pc might be screwed up. You may want to reinstall windows

Yeah, I’m saving that as the last possible resort. I’ve never had a problem with this PC with anything before MSFS.

dont wait, just do it and get it over with, if anything just to rule out anything else

I mean, it’s a bit of a pain to ensure that everything’s properly backed up and reconfigure an OS to my old specs, so I’d rather not do it if I don’t have to :slight_smile:

heres a tip, keep windows on a sep drive and all your backup on another, so if you have to reinstall windows you dont have to go backing up stuff.

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