Download takes DAYS and NIGHTS

Hi everyone…I see that so many of us have (big) trouble to get this sim together…so frustrating…
i could download the SU4 over a night…but this one takes days and nights. I let the comp run day and night…and just a few GBs… the problem here is my internet connection, only 15 mbps max, and whe,n the sim is downloading , only like 7-8 mbps…of course, it takes forever…my comp is getting crazy…the fan is at max, and i m afraid to cause damage to my new computer (that i bought especially for the sim)…i decided then to pause the downlaod during the day , but it has been a few days here, and not having even the half of the donwload and now with the fixes, i wonder if it s gonna be ok that everything will be mixed…so i decided to delete (uninstall) the sim, i m sick and tired of it…

so i decided then to change my internet provider and the new one promises 400 mbps (which i doubt), i can be happy if i get 200…the guys come install the stuff on wednesday…now my question is …how long it will take to download the sim with (lets say) 200 mbps, ?
i m not even excited to download it…with my new comp and new ultrawide monitor, i was so happy before, everything was so nice and smooth (even with a low connection), and now when i read the comments, i feel for you guys, we are all in the same boat…by wed, all the fixes should be released and i would get a consistent download.
so, correct me if i m wrong, empty community folder, when downloading the sim, after that, download the 5 or 6 things in the content manager (updates), …antything else…
is it possible that my antivirus AVG is also a cause of this downloading problem ?
thanks for your help…i m still reading carefully your comments and get some precious advice of what to do and not what to do… i miss flying already…i can still hear the fan at max speed and i was worried to crash my new comp…(sighsssssssssss)…

I downloaded SU5 at work so I was on my cellphone connection. It downloaded at an average of 50-60/mbps. Took under an hour.

thanks…over an hour only with 50-60 mbps ? waw…so if i really get 200 mbps with my new connection newt week, it should take even less ? possible ? or is my calculation bad ? and will the sim smoother, more fluid with a 200 mbps connection ?

Yes, no, maybe…

Having a decent connection speed between your LAN and the internet will help, but that may not be the complete answer. For whatever reason(s), people here can have really hit and miss download experiences.

With that said, you should see improved performance, but you may still need to wait a few hours.


This will also depend on what your network card can handle. You can have the fastest speed in the world but it means nothing if your computer can’t access it.

^ That. Or if any part of the connection between your house in the server is having through-put issues, that can have an effect as well. I would still expect you should see some improvment, but we just can’t say how much.


Very true as well

I m having the Intel WIFI 6 AX200 160 MHZ…for info, you can say more about that…if it can be also the issue ?

My one cent advice to you is when you download, open the side cover and blow air into it using an electric fan just to keeps things cool. My internet speed is 170mbs. I was downloading at 40 to 45 mbs. It took me if I remember correctly about 4 hours to download. It was a real slow boat. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

Thanks already to all of you guys for the quick answers…even better if i get more…lets hope for the best next week…

I have a 100mb connection and SU5 and accompanying world update patches took me 6 hours. The download process for this game is ridiculous and the worst I have ever experienced. Nothing else comes close.

The crazy thing about the download process is how inconsistent it is.

I have a 200mb connection, and I was done in somewhere from 30 to 40 minutes, however I spent almost 90 updating addons through the package manager

Oh and how ■■■■ volitle it is, it’s amazing that people still get stuck in an infinite loop because a file was corupted somewhere along the line, I had really expected that would have been solved by now.

MS has chosen to download and then decompress in sections and in some larger files that decompression looks like a system failure at times and has caused some issue.

Best advise, really really be patient and hope it stops decompressing and then downloading again.

The problem is, it doesn’t. The workaround which is documented on Zendesk is to stop the sim, delete the corrupted archive, and then restart the simulator.

That has been the documented workaround pretty much since launch.

Ew, yea that seems like a hard spot.

I’m more of a three fingered salute guy and then go figure.

LOL ctrl alt del, oh well.

There are sooo many factors in this.

For reference, I have a 450 MB/s connection, average download speed at 10 EDT US was about 115 MB/s, it took about 45 minutes to download the main download, and a little over a half hour through the Content Manager. I’m on Comcast Cable, so, being late evening, I probably wasn’t fighting neighborhood traffic too much, though, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it that much.

So, yes, a 200 MB/s connection should improve things. But it will depend on how you are connected to that 200 MB/s connection. If you have a Cable connection, your cable is shared with some number of your neighbors (if you’re in an apartment building… good luck!) which might slow traffic at peak times. Then it depends on the connection into your house to your computer.

I have a GB capable Cable Modem, connected by ethernet cable all the way to my computer through a Gigabit (Nighthawk) router and a GB capable switch in my room. The switch is shared to another computer (off mostly), a printer, my LG 55UN7300 TV I use as a computer monitor, and occassionally my work laptop (but not during update).

If you can, I’d suggest connecting to whatever is coming into your house with a hard wire Ethernet cable as opposed to using a wireless connection. And make sure your computer has an Ethernet card capable of keeping up with the rest of your home network.

Finally, it depends on the path to your home from the delivery servers. I saw some people improve this by using VPN software and connecting to other areas of the internet to avoid slow downs of the delivery getting to their ISP, or whatever it is that might be slowing things down along that tortuous path. Sorry I can’t help with the VPN stuff, I only know it’s there, don’t know much about it.

Good luck.

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< has a less than 6’ cat5e to gateway and it still aint fast around here. :smiley:

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Took me 4 hours to download the entire platform at 50mbps connection. (And I had to download the entire platform because the update crashed my computer)

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thanks again for the detallied explanation. I m waiting for the new installation for the internet…it will be wifi, and we know, and as you explained, a wired connection is better…lets wait and see how the connection will be…but i just got an idea…would it be possible, to let the wifi go for every day use, and when we get an update, then buy a lon cable, to wire my comp to the modem and get a wired connection and to use it whenever we get an update ? …i m not an expert, but it should be possible no ? thanks.

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that sure is possible , but i would wait and see how the wifi performs first.
a good quality wifi performs almost the same as wired.

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