Download Times (Australia)

Good Morning Everyone,
Well here in Australia I was able to start my download at 5am this morning. It is now 1:30pm (8.5hrs) and the indication bar only shows that it has done about 10%. I am on a 1000/50 internet connection and was really expecting this to download with a little better performance. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing poor download speeds here in Australia.
Cheers & thanks in advance.

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Took 3 hrs 10 mins for me. 100/40. When it was downloading, it was downloading at my max rate. Occasionally it’d stop to decompress/install.

I’m in Adelaide on s 50/12 connection. I started downloading at midnight my time and it was finished by 8am. I can’t say how long it took but it should have been about 7 hours for me.

If I were you I’d stop it and restart. Maybe you can get a different mirror and download quicker.

Same issue here on 1000/40 (yes 1GB down) but the client is connecting to a server in LA for content

Based in Adelaide

You would not be with AussieBroadband by any chance? Maybe it is a routing issue with them?

Yeah im with Aussie, im now seeing connections to an Amazon EC2 compute instance in West US, I use AWS at home for work with no issues.

guess the servers are being slammed

I am with Aussie Broadband and had difficulty. The Alpha/Beta would download in around 4 hours. It was around 13 hrs for the release.

Some comments on the Whirlpool Forums about issues with MSFS and Aussie Broadband.

While playing I am connecting to a local server with a 98ms ping. I don’t know where it was downloaded from though.

im nz and it took me 10 mins to d/l and install 10gbps / 10gbps internet

Seems like Aussie are having routing issues.
I used a VPN and it downloaded lightning quick.

Bugger it, im going to take the chance and pause it and reboot. Maybe that will help!!

Ill try to fire up my GetFlix VPN and see how it goes

Hey Mate, I am on 100/40 . Downloaded overnight and no issue. I agree with @Thx1964. Have a look at zendesk and find Slow-download-speed (I can not put the link here) and do a stop/start it will not start from scratch.

I gave that a go and the download went from 2mbps to 400mbps.

Thanks for mentioning that!

Been going for 5 hours now on a 250Mb/s connection and it STILL has 77.7GB to go. It’s been sitting on downloading fs-base-videos-0.1.8.fspackage for ages now and doesn’t seem to want to progress past it.

To make things worse, the installer keeps closing down randomly so I can’t just set it off and leave it. Also, can’t play anything else while the installer is running. Poor experience so far.

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Forgive me for not seeing this incase it it right in front of me, but where are you guys seeing the download speeds?

On aussiebb here also, 250/25 or whatever the 250 down is, plugged directly into my router. Was getting very slow dl speeds (best case was 25Mbps but would only be for a very small amount of time and then nothing and crashes on the content manager install at start.

Flicked over to ExpressVPN via LA and now getting 150+ Mbps for the bigger files.

If the installer looses communications with a peripheral it can shut down.

In my case my mouse communicates through the monitor hub and when the monitor went to sleep it would shut the installer down.

I also read a report of where someone use the scroll wheel switch on the mouse and that was enough for the installer to think that the peripheral had change and the installer would close.

These were frustrating issues were observed in the alpha as well.

I started mine at around 1am in Sydney, left it and went to bed. Was finished when I got up at 7:30… I was getting about 45mbps with TPG.

AussieBB user here. I just fired up Express VPN and restarted the installer. Seems to be zipping along now (at least much quicker than before).