Download Times (Australia)

I use “task manager” and look under advance and then network. it give you an indication of speed.

I have two connections, one with Aussie Broadband (250/25) and one with Telstra (100/40). I fired up my Telstra connection and now I’m downloading at the full 100mbps whilst Aussie Broadband was only downloading at 2mbps.

AussieBB via ExpressVPN is now hovering just under 100Mb/s on a 250Mb/s connection. Not awesome but at least it’ll likely complete today.

Yes I am now looking at my speeds and with Aussie only getting about 2 - 3Mbps. ■■■■ it !!

has anyone raised the issue with Aussie?

On the phone with them now.

Just raised a fault ticket, give them 9464934

I just signed up with ExpressVPN and my speeds went up to 240Mbps

PIA via West Coast is doing around 300-400

Aussie is aware and fixing the problem.

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Took them long enough…

Same here, downloaded from around midnight and was ready when I checked at 8am.

Can Aussie Broadband customers give that a try now? We’ve made some changes and should have sorted it out hopefully.

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Getting 200 now but its still slower than using PIA with West US

Looking great from here after they made changes - now seeing 150 Mbps and higher and that final 3.6GB is flying by (the bottleneck is now how fast my machine can decompress the files!)

The guy I had on the support queue did not have a clue – Ill have to stick with the VPN at the moment

Biggest issue we have here (hopefully Microsoft can reach out to me!) Is we had a peering port full in LAX as that’s the only place Amazon Cloudfront are advertising the ranges…So we blocked Amazon entirely to get away from the full link and now it’s coming in via Telstra only which is also now filling up.

Would be nice if Microsoft could have Cloudfront advertise the same ranges in Australia peering, or load up the Aussie CDN. We have 100’s of Gbps of capacity sitting here in Australia unused because they’re only announcing anything in USA.


I started to download it @12am this morning and still have 77GB to go. I am on an unlimited NBN connection

It’s fixed now, getting full speed.

Download going well on my iiNet 50-connected via Ethernet.