Downloadable installation file(s) or backup

I think what would be a good idea would be an option or utility to do -
a) a reinstall without downloading 100gb everytime. So something to make an installer that you could store on a large USB drive, or a back up drive.
b) along with that a way to ensure that your progress in the sim is retained and can applied to the new install (or is that already kept on record via your profile on the xbox site?)

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Please let us download and save the installation file. Also let us download and save patches. That way when people are having issues they can try reinstalling and using different patches, instead of having to download the program everytime we try to reinstall the sim. So now I start the sim and get a black screen. 4 days ago it worked fine. I removed the sim. Downloaded the sim again and same issue. And any future patches will not work for me because I can’t get into the program to update it.

Please give us options to save instead of just installing from web. I cant download a program over 1 gig whenever there are problems. How can we patch it when we have problems? Download it again when the patch is incorporated into the installation file?

I’m glad I have not purchased it and am getting it through game pass. I will purchase the program once the bugs are worked out.

After having to reinstall MFS 2020 several times myself is it not possible to make a backup of the main download (100GB approx) to save hours during a reinstall?

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Excellent suggestion. Here in the wilderness of Montana, my 2020 download runs for 4 or 5 days 24/7. :pleading_face: What’s say Absobo/Microsoft?

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Hi all. I don’t know how many of you have the FS2020 program purchased from the Store and how many through Steam.
I must say that absolutely all my game programs were acquired through the Steam store and made the mistake of purchasing FS2020 through the Microsoft Store.

The HUGE difference between the two is first of all the download speed, Steam download to good speed and the MS Store is a disgrace and constant frustration … I can’t find other words to describe it. The second is that apart from speed, Microsoft Store is extremely inefficient as it does not have a system that allows us to have a backup of the program on our external disk to be able to reinstall without having to download everything again, especially large titles. MSFS2020, Halo, etc. with which they force us to go through a huge waste of time and frustration. How difficult can it be to enable a backup system? . Not all of us live with downloads of 100Mb speed, where sadly I live barely exceeds 1.5 to 1.9Mb (only the MS store because if I download from anywhere else I can download using all my bandwidth between 16 and 20Mb / s , I mean, IT’S A MSOFT PROBLEM, NOT MINE!).
Another possibility is that users are enabled to go to the STEAM store if MSoft is not able to solve the problem. I am not going to buy the program twice and I think it is our right to demand that the things we pay for work. I see too much passivity about our claims and so far Zendesk has not given too much help.

It is possible to back-up anything from your OneStore folder, you just have to use anything other than the default install path (WpSystem) for the packages, else it won’t let you copy them over.

In case of a reinstall, you’ll just have to let the installation manager set up the directories, and then you can copy over the OneStore folder and you’re good to go.

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Does this mean that FS does not make any modifications to the registry or install anything outside of the folder that has been chosen at startup?
I find it weird that an MS program doesn’t copy anything to a different side or modify the registry. I ask you if you are kind enough to confirm me or clear up these doubts that I have please, and thank you for responding.

Yeah, I don’t think it modifies the registry in any meaningful way, everything is managed by the Microsoft Store infrastructure and internal directories. It’s quite unlike Flight Simulator X.

If you ever do a reinstall again, you can install the client as usual via the Microsoft Store, but then you have to choose a custom path for the packages. After that, you can back them up and not have to redownload them from scratch again.

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Thanks for your time. I asked the question because I think I saw some keys in the registry in my previous installation. My concern is first that the program works as it should and does not take me any surprise while I fly, if there are keys, it must be surely for something. On the other hand, because here in Argentina, no matter how fast we hire the internet, the download speed of MS servers is lamentable, we don’t exceed 1.9Mb / s and that’s when they work very well. So imagine that making a download that in the US or Europe takes 4 or 6 hours, for us it represents a week or more downloading continuously and without turning off our computer. It is unbearable !. That is my intention to have a copy since in case of any problem, the solutions that zendesk gives are usually to “reinstall the program”, something that for us is a real headache, and most of the time it is useless for anything else than to waste time. Thanks and regards!

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I understand how you feel, even though I live in Europe my average download speed is 4Mbps, and I had to fully reinstall after Sim Update 5 due to a bug which took more than 80 hours. However, this time I ensured not to install the packages in the WpSystem folder, which was the reason I couldn’t make a back-up, and now with the custom install path the packages can finally be copied out of their folder.

I have not tried reinstating from a back-up myself, but several others have and it’s simply a matter of copying back the OneStore folder after the installation process begins. You have to let it start downloading again, then you exit the installation manager, copy the files, restart it and it should recognise them and start up as usual.

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