Downloading from the store+dvd edition

I purchased MS FS 2020 as a dvd edition and redeemed the code at the Microsoft Store. Is it possible after that to only download the game from the Store or is it only possible to install the game from the dvd’s?

good some else has the same question…i hope someone who knows will answer

My experience is that after you have installed from the DVD’s and redeemed your code, you can re-install the game (if necessary) from the store.
Hope that helps.

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What are the differences between the DVD-version and the Download-version?
I am not sure about which one I should purchase
Thanks for any help


Apart from the “manual” /booklet there is none.
Also with the dvd version you need to have DVD1 in the drive when starting the sim (there are workarounds for it though).

I wouldn’t buy the DVD version again, except it’s cheaper than digital (it was in my case).

Thank you, Coppersens, for telling me your experiences.
Very kind of you


DVD version is just for collectors. It’s really rather pointless, since with the updates you’ll end up downloading almost all of it anyways.

Mort, that is a good way to look at this problem.
Thank you for that


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