Downloading latest Hotfix on Steam version

I heard the second Hotfix that was released is downloaded by other means and not from the official MSFS updater or installer. The only instructions I got was to go on the official MS store and download from there, but I guess you need to have it bought from there. I have the steam copy and I don’t have the option to download it from the MS store.

You have it in the steam store as well. Steam will automaticly download it if it was running since it came out. If not then goto the download part of the Steam client and it will be there. The latest patch is the one ending in ..15. If you dont see it in steam launch the Sim you probably already have it installed.

How would I know where to see the patch version in Steam?

The patch is so small, you probably didn’t even see it download.
It just updates when Steam launches.
There is no ingame update.

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If you want to be sure, right click on MSFS in your Steam library and select properties. Go to the updates tab and in the lower half look at the buildid number. As of right now, the current build id is 7136652. If you see that, you are on the latest version.

You can also browse the local files and check the properties of the FlightSimulator.exe. In the details tab it should say the file and product version are This can also be checked / confirmed inside the game by clicking on your username / picture in the top right of the menu screens or hitting ALT + Enter to enable window mode and see it in the window frame.

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